Do you eat better in Italy than in Spain? This ranking opens the debate

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Do you eat better in Italy than in Spain?AegeanBlue – Getty Images

In the gastronomic universe we love rankings and guides. Yes the best cheesecakesthe Michelin star list, the best roscones de Reyes… It seems that we like to have everything ordered and classified. Although a priori this can be very useful for both consumers and restaurateurs, as a food journalist I think it is getting a little out of hand. So much so that someone has thought of doing a list of the “95 best cuisines in the world” And of course, the debate has not taken long to explode. Nobody, except Italians we suppose, is happy with this ranking.

Behind this controversial list that has left no one satisfied is TasteAtlas, a portal that was created with the aim of becoming an encyclopedia of world flavors. In its desire to be the reference world atlas, They catalog traditional dishes, local ingredients, and traditional restaurants from countries around the world. They recently invited their readers to vote for those foods, recipes, and drinks. With the result, they have drawn up a ranking with what are supposedly the best kitchens in the world. Was it really necessary to open this melon?

In this controversial list, Italy leads the best cuisines in the world followed by Greece. Spain occupies third place in the ranking, something that hurts our national pride. Why lie? Not only are we fortunate to be a country rich in food, we also enjoy an extensive traditional cookbook and some of the best and most creative restaurants in the world.

Among the most voted dishes in Italy were different types of pasta, the parmigiano reggiano cheese or the Tuscan prosciutto. We love to travel to our neighboring country and eat, but we have our doubts that it is the best cuisine in the world. The star Spanish foods and recipes have been the acorn-fed Iberian ham -sorry, but let the prosciutto stand aside-, the cured Manchego or the grilled prawns. Thank the gods for the prawns. But it is not a question of taking out the knives either. Here the country that votes the most and sells the best wins. Of the latter we cannot boast. If not, how do you explain why the Alhambra is not considered a wonder of the world?

Plate of Iberian ham and grilled prawns

Plate of Iberian ham and grilled prawns.Oscar Wong – Getty Images

TasteAtlas shared a ‘tweet’ with the top 50 positions on its list of the best gastronomy in the world. As of today, it has more than 48 million visits, 3,728 ‘retweets’, 46.7 mentions and more than 20,000 ‘likes’. Beyond the ‘top 3’, the real controversy was in the following positions.

Not even the Americans seemed to understand how the United States could reach the number 8 position. The greatest indignation in social networks came from the countries that were below the North American country. Understandable, on the other hand. Complicated to chew that France, Peru, China or Thailand are below the creators of the ‘Snickers Salad’. Yes, a salad with a chocolate bar included that they brag about at @RegionalUSFood.

The most wounded in pride by this ranking have been the French, considered by themselves as the fathers of gastronomy. The softest thing we could read was: “French cuisine below American junk food?”. The appearance of the United Kingdom in the list has also been controversial. One user noted: “Hello, I think there has been an error. England is on this list for a reason.”

It has also been highly criticized, and rightly so, for the 40th place of Lebanese food or the total absence of some of the most influential cuisines in the world. There is no trace of any Caribbean country. Now, who minces garlic eats. So if you don’t share the results of this listing, Dare to travel and make your own ranking of world cuisines. It is the best way to agree with a list.

The 10 best cuisines in the world according to Atlas Taste

  1. Italian

  2. Greek

  3. Spanish

  4. Japanese

  5. India

  6. mexican

  7. turkish

  8. American

  9. French

  10. Peruvian

Do you eat better in Italy than in Spain? This ranking opens the debate