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Digital360 Awards awarded the best digital innovation projects in Italy.

Here is who the special Sustainability Prize and the Prize were awarded to. Let’s see who are the winners in their respective categories: Big Data Analytics, Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing, CRM / Solutions for Marketing and Sales, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, B2b and eSupply Chain Solutions, Infrastructure Solutions.

Digital360 Awards: the winners

Npo Sistemi won in the “Big Data Analytics” category. NetApp was awarded for “Cloud Computing”.

For “CRM / Solutions for Marketing and Sales” Unguess.

For “Information & Cyber ​​Security” Lateralcode.

In the “Internet of Things” category it was the Key to Business winner.

For “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence”, Injenia won.

For “B2b and eSupply Chain Solutions” Net Service. For “Infrastructure Solutions”, Etiqube.

The special Sustainability award was assigned to BT-Italia. Instead the award goes to WIIT. Finally, the prize for the best Digital Transformation project was awarded to Lateralcode.

These are the winners of the seventh edition of the Digital360 Awards, the contest organized by Digital360dedicated to the best digital innovation projects in Italian companies.

Drones, AI, Machine Leraning: Terna’s experience on the energy transition

During a three-day event, which took place from 29 September to 1 October together with the, the finalists – selected by a jury of over 200 CIOs – presented their projects.

The evaluation took place on the basis of the originality of the ideas, concrete advantages and replicability of the model for each of the competing categories.

Digital360 Awards 2022: Lateralcode

The Lateralcode project (best Digital Transformation project) makes it possible to protect access to the network through the “iceGate – Asymmetric ZeroSurfaceTM Defense” solution. The implementation includes: an asynchronous, asymmetrical and multifactor authentication system that cannot be traced back to customers, users, infrastructures or sensitive information and a virtual appliance, to be inserted within the customer’s network.

Digital360 Awards 2022: Npo Sistemi

Npo Sistemi (awarded in “Big Data Analytics”) has created a project to simplify, standardize and automate data entry activities thanks to AI. Thus he relieved the operators of manual activity.

“The Automation Platform” is an orchestration platform for automation and business science services. It uses low cost off the shelf algorithms, a semantic verification engine and API integration.

Digital360 Awards 2022: NetApp

NetApp (awarded in “Cloud Computing”) has halved costs and optimized the use of cloud solutions for Eidosmedia. The software house has started a review of the pricing model of its systems, after the transition to the public cloud in the past years. NetApp completed the project using the Spot ECO cost management and workload automation solution.

Digital360 Awards 2022: Unguess

Unguess (“CRM / Solutions for Marketing and Sales”) analyzed the purchase funnel on the eCommerce platform for the Decathlon retail chain. It works by examining every aspect related to the user experience. The process, entrusted to real users of the TRYBER community, allowed Decathlon to identify and correct bugs, friction and problems related to the use of the platform and proceed to its optimization.

Digital360 Awards 2022: Key to Business

The R&D laboratory of Key to Business (“Internet of Things”) has developed a system for monitoring risky driving behaviors, such as the use of mobile phones, for the start-up LIM (Life Is More). A Deep Learning model, created from the video stream of a normal RGB camera, placed inside the passenger compartment, allows 10 categories of risky driver behavior to be detected in real time.

Digital360 Awards 2022: Injenia

Injenia (“Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence”) has created a Smart Data Hub for Saipem. It allows company operators to find documents and information in a simple and relevant way. The solution leverages the latest cognitive research and Natural Language Processing technologies.

Digital360 Awards 2022: Net Service

Abbanoa (Single Manager of the Integrated Water Service of Sardinia) needed a system that certified the meter data and guaranteed transparency and immutability of the information collected. With this objective, in fact, Net Service (“B2b and eSupply Chain Solutions”) has therefore created “Etherna: Blockchain as a Service”. It is a solution for the notarization of meter readings based on Blockchain technology.

Digital360 Awards 2022: EtiQube

In the post lockdown return, EtiQube (“Infrastructural Solutions”) has created an integrated solution capable of facilitating checks and organizing spaces. All with highly customizable and integrable software. The solution works both in the cloud and on premise. The backend is developed in PHP and is connected to a MySQL database. Instead the front end is developed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Special Sustainability Award: BT-Italia

BT-Italia has developed the “Industry 4.0 Strategic Framework” to allow an improvement in the performance of sustainability, safety, quality, productivity and logistics. The project, carried out for a global company with over 50 plants, implemented systems of Industrial IoT platforms, edge / cloud intelligence, sensors, tags, local and global security and telecommunication services. special award: WIIT

WIIT has implemented a new CMS with flexible front-end for a German publishing company, unifying the high number of contents and reducing the time-to-market. The solution is based on K8s technology, a system for orchestrating and managing containerized applications on a cluster of machines. An “as a code” infrastructure was therefore created consisting of approximately 50 containers and 40 VMs.

The event dedicated to digital transformation and its governance

The event, entitled “Outside the Black Mirror: from Digital Humanism to Homo Digitalis”, saw the participation exclusively in the presence of over 100 CIOs. They explored the impact of digital transformation and its governance, focusing therefore on the role of the CIO within this process. The 360-degree analysis involved management Lines of Business in an open and interactive discussion.

There were also high-profile keynotes, including that of the CEO of Telepass Gabriele Benedetto, Professor Umberto Bertelè, the founder and president of Neurexplore Giuliano Trenti, the author Beppe Carrella and Professor Carlo Scarpa.

The keynotes alternated with moments of sharing, meeting opportunities and networking with a playful slant.

Main partners of the initiative, who finally shared reflections on future strategies regarding digital innovation in Lazise, ​​are important players: Adobe, Altea, Celonis, Cisco, Dell Technologies, Deloitte, IBM, Kyndryl, NetApp, Oracle, SalesForce, Schneider Electric, SIDI Group, Techedge, TIM.

Raffaello Balocco, CEO of Digital360
Raffaello Balocco, CEO of Digital360

The 4 tips to follow to succeed in digital transformation

“Once again this year with the Digital360 Awards we have shone the spotlight on the best digital innovation solutions, involving and integrating various players in the digital transformation landscape – he declares Raffaello Balocco, CEO of Digital360 -. The large amount of projects received makes us think of an important desire for improvement within Italian companies, which is why we are proud to enhance these innovators in an event designed specifically to give voice to their ideas “.

Digital360 Awards 2022: the awarded projects in Italy – Big Data 4Innovation