Di María, the figure of the finals for Argentina: the passionate kiss on the pitch with his wife Jorgelina after winning the World Cup

Di María celebrates with her partner, Jorgelina in Qatar. Photo: REUTERS/Lee Smith

The image of the kiss with your partner Jorgelina marked the feeling that went through when the third conquest of the World Cup was completed. From stigmatized to idolized, the Rosario angel di maria This Sunday he closed a cycle with the best ending he could have imagined: the title in the World Cup Qatar 2022. A story with a cruel plot with a happy ending, in the best cinematographic style, was the one that went through the noodle since he first put on the jersey of the Selectionthe September 6, 2008 in a match with Paraguayan by Qualifiers for South Africa 2010.

The former Rosario Central played at that time in the Benfica of Portugal, after demonstrating his virtues as a fast and sharp left-handed player in the Scoundrelwhere Angel Tulio Zof made him debut in 2005 at the age of 17. Grew up in the neighborhood park housesto the north of rosary beadsin their adolescent hours little angel he alternated his devotion to soccer with a selfless collaboration with his father in coaling tasks.

Argentine football barely enjoyed it 39 matcheswhich was how long it took Europe in discovering the lean young striker, a running machine and subduing goalkeepers. After succeeding in Portugalthe doors of the big leagues were opened with Real Madrid, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and today, in a stage of maturity, Juventus from Italy.

In parallel to his brilliant club career, say mary built arduous history in the Selection, marked as an icon of the generation of lost finals (Brazil 2014, Chile 2015, United States 2016). The extreme striker enjoyed a promising youth stage with the world title under 20 in Canada 2007 and the olympic gold medal in Beijing 2008year in which Alfio Basile incorporated it into the major.

Due to their injuries or poor performance at key moments of the big events, Say Maria became a footballer reviled by the fans, a victim of the insolence suffered by other great players such as Gonzalo Higuain and even his own Lionel Messi. The pride of its validity in Europe He always made him an obligatory summoner and he never dodged the bulge: his desire to win with the Argentine shirt was stronger.

And that stubborn wish came true July 10 of the year past when a definition of its own catalog (hat to the goalkeeper) cut a 28-year drought without titles, nothing less than against Brazil in it maracana in the end of the America Cup. Everything flowed from then on: the affection of the fans, the recognition and his best moments in the National Team, with which he won again this year in the Finalissima versus Italy.

Statements by Di María after the title in Qatar

His contribution in the Middle East was also conditioned by injuries, but what at another time would have been the reason for a suspicious look, was interpreted as football vicissitudes. He was injured in the last match of the group stage against Polandplayed a few minutes against Australia and he did not return to ownership until the final with Francein which he had an exclusive participation until he lasted on the field.

the player of Juventus was a factor of imbalance on the left wing, generated the penalty of 1-0 and scored the second of Argentina with a definition of his quality after a perfect counterattack. Again say mary cwith a goal for posteriority like the one in the Beijing Olympic Stadium, like that of maracanazo and like this one lusailwhose field he abandoned in the second half wrapped in the ovation of the Argentine public.

Then he had to suffer on the substitute bench, where tears escaped in the goals of mbappe who threatened to ruin the magical night of the staggered. As fate would have it, his farewell, which could be final in the National Team, as he slipped in March of this year, but at least it is in the World Cup, out of the best shape.

This is how the finals are played: win or die. And it is very nice to be able to celebrate it with the family, which is the one that suffers the most. It is an immense joy. Surely there will be madness in Argentina”, he said in dialogue with Public TV. And he continued: “I have no words to thank God for everything he gave me. It was a rematch that began at the Maracana, continued at Wembley and was repeated here today. When I was on the substitute bench, I began to pray and asked him 800 times to help us achieve it.”.

say mary played four World Cups (South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014, Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022)129 games, scored 28 goals, gave 26 assists and celebrated 3 titles with the “Albiceleste” shirt. Statistics rank him as the fourth footballer with the greatest presence after Messi (171)Javier Mascherano (147) and Javier Zanetti (145).


Di María, the figure of the finals for Argentina: the passionate kiss on the pitch with his wife Jorgelina after winning the World Cup