Delli Noci: the new headquarters of Atos Italia in via Mazzitelli in Bari was inaugurated today

The company’s growth continues in the Apulian capital with 130 people already hired in the first 9 months of activity.

Among others, the Mayor of Bari Decaro, the Rector of the Polytechnic of Bari Cupertino, the Rector of the LUM Garzoni, the Professor of the University of Bari Pirlo, the Director of Puglia visited the new offices and took part in the ribbon-cutting Development De Vito and the CEO of Atos Italia Di Franco

Over 130 new hires in the first 9 months of activity and a growing commitment to projects of great impact for the Bari area. The new offices of Atos were officially inaugurated today by the Mayor of Bari Antonio Decaroof the Deputy Mayor of Bari Eugene DiSciascioof the regional councilor Alessandro Delli Noci, of the Rector of the Polytechnic Francis Cupertinoby the Rector of the LUM University Antonello Garzoniby the Professor of the University of Bari Joseph Pirlo, of the Director of Puglia Development Anthony DeVito and of the Chief Executive Officer of Atos Italia Joseph DiFranco.

During the visit to the new headquarters, located in via Orfeo Mazzitelli 258/E in the Poggiofranco district, the authorities present intervened to explore topics such as the importance of digitization for the Bari and Puglia area and the need to attract the best talent thanks to the presence of companies strongly oriented towards innovation such as Atos.

The President of the Puglia Region Michele Emiliano he has declared: “Today is one of those happy days in which we see what we work for every day with commitment materialize: this office that we are inaugurating is the important investment of Atos, a high-level multinational, which translated means new jobs, new skills on territories and new opportunities for the young people of Puglia. Our Region is carrying out a great job on attracting investments also thanks to the close collaboration with the Municipalities, the Universities, the research centers that make Puglia an ecosystem of innovation. These winning elements, combined with the ability to interact with the governance system, are increasingly creating a favorable environment in which to develop new solutions in terms of digital, ecological and energy transition, in a welcoming and evolved, competent and attractive Puglia”.

The Mayor of Bari Antonio Decaro he has declared: “Setting foot in these offices is the tangible sign of the results of the work done in recent years thanks to the collaboration of the institutions and universities of our area. The presence of Atos here in Bari represents an important step towards the greater goal, that of make the city a national point of reference in the IT sector both for the development of innovative projects and for the ability to attract economic and human resources in the sector of technological innovation and digital solutions. managers of Atos, who trusted us, and the first 130 new hires who work here, and who I hope will be able to choose Bari for life”.

Puglia, which focuses on the digital supply chain, on new skills and on innovation, today brings home an extraordinary result resulting from a synergistic work with the Municipality of Bari. Making sure that it becomes convenient for companies to invest in Puglia is a goal that we carry forward through specific measures such as the Program Agreement, but also through constant collaboration with university centers that increasingly focus on the digital skills of young people, highly attractive for large companies that find here human capital up to the challenges of the future”, added theCouncilor for Economic Development of the Puglia Region Alessandro Delli Noci.

The inauguration of the new Atos headquarters in Bari is an event for the whole city, not just for insiders. The consolidation of Atos’ investment in our area, where innovative applications and systems with high added value will be developed, also thanks to the collaboration with local academic realities, confirms the growing role that the Apulian capital is assuming in the national panorama of development poles of Information Technology and will represent a job opportunity for young graduates and high school graduates, but also, we hope, an opportunity to encourage the return of Apulians to our land”. added the Deputy Mayor of Bari Eugenio Di Sciascio.

The project proposed by Atos is a wide-ranging project that combines elements of technological improvement and the development of new industrial research, on a large scale, capable of offering solutions on the side of digital transition and process automationi,” said the Director of Puglia Development Anthony DeVito.

Atos has heavily invested in Bari also through the activation of numerous Academies, among all “Hyperautomation”, “Energy & Utilities”, “Customer Decision” and “Data Analytics”. In line with the vocation for technological innovation that distinguishes it, Atos has also launched an ambitious innovation and research project in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Bari, focused on the Internet of Things, Digital Twin, Smart Mobility, Hyperautomation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The presence of Atos in Bari and the investments that the company has already planned, combined with the prospects for further development in the coming years confirm how important it is to nurture an ecosystem of innovation, to make businesses and the territory grow”, declared the Rector of the Polytechnic of Bari Francesco Cupertino. “Public and private have found a model of collaboration that works and which also allows us to better direct the training of new professionals, to respond to the changing needs of the labor market and guarantee opportunities for our young talents”.

The consolidation of the presence of Atos in the Apulian territory amplifies the opportunities for collaboration already in place with the university system and confirms the importance of an increasingly relevant ecosystem in the ICT and artificial intelligence fields, fully in line with the territory’s ability to invest in training of new graduates in STEM field”, further stated the Rector of the LUM University Antonello Garzoni.

The Professor, Delegate for the Third Mission and Territorial Relations, of the University of Bari ‘Aldo Moro’ Giuseppe Pirlo he added “the settlement of Atos represents an element of great importance for the digital ecosystem of the region and highlights, on the one hand, the presence of an important training system capable of making adequate skills available to important multinational companies, and on the other another the existence of a territory ready to welcome the challenges of the future that through companies like ATOS can be faced by our young people working in their region”

As we said when we took office in Bari, in March 2022, we are convinced that the most effective way to stay in a territory is to have constant dialogue with the institutions, with the productive fabric but also, above all, with the universities. Indeed, for those who work in highly competitive sectors devoted to innovation, it is of primary importance to be able to have people with high-level training, capable of bringing skills and ideas within the company. In the Apulian territory we are finding very fertile ground. Over 130 people are already part of the Atos team and more will continue to be added, in line with the development goals we have set ourselves” commented Giuseppe Di Franco, CEO of Atos Italiaengaged today also at the Polytechnic of Bari for a Lectio Magistralis entitled “Digital Twin in Action”.

The process of rooting Atos Italia in the Apulian economic, social and cultural context therefore continues.

Delli Noci: the new headquarters of Atos Italia in via Mazzitelli in Bari was inaugurated today – REGIONE PRESS