Covid Italy today, the bulletin of 4 August: 42,976 new positives and 161 deaths

Rome, 4 August 2022 – I am 42.976 the newly infected Covid, according to the bulletin of the Ministry of Health today. Then there were others 161 dead . Both figures are down from yesterday. They come down even the new ones hospitalizations : -34 le intensive therapies and -272 hospitalizations in ordinary departments . 242,010 swabs carried out in the last 24 hours, with a rate of positivity 17.8% (-0.1%). 139,776,812 l doses of vaccine administered in total.

The trend underway in recent days (here the data of August 3) of a decline in the curve of new positivity cases is also confirmed by the data of the individual regions.

Within 24 hours, in Italy, it is stable at 16% the percentage of seats occupied for Covid in ordinary departments (a year ago it was 4%), but it drops in 13 regions or autonomous provinces: Abruzzo (20%), Basilicata (19%), Calabria (31%), Campania (15%), Emilia Romagna (18%) , Lazio (16%), Liguria (27%), Marche (19%), Pa Bolzano (11%), Pa Trento (14%), Tuscany (13%), Umbria (37%), Valle d’Aosta ( 24%). Nationally, it is stable at 4% also the percentage of intensive therapies occupied by Covid patients (3% a year ago). This is the survey of the National Agency for Regional Health Services ( Agenas ) on the data of August 3.

The Covid bulletin of August 4th

I’m 42.976 the new infections from Covid recorded in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday the infected had been 45,721. The victims I am 161 , down from 171 yesterday. The badger is 17.7% down slightly from yesterday when it was 17.8% yesterday. A total of 242,010 swabs were performed, including antigenic and molecular. I am instead 362 patients hospitalized in intensive care 34 less than yesterday, while the daily admissions are 31. The hospitalized in the ordinary departments they are 9734, 272 less than yesterday.

Coronavirus positive Italians are currently 1,175,294, or 26,149 fewer than yesterday. A total of 21,213,559 have been infected since the beginning of the pandemic, while the dead have risen to 172,729. The discharged and healed are 19,865,536 with an increase of 68,947.

The main regions / Lombardy

I’m 5,369 the new Covid infections recorded in Lombardy in the last 24 hours. THE tampons carried out were 34,734, for a rate of positivity 15.4%. THE dead They were 31 . THE hospitalized in hospitals are 1,294 (-54) and those in intensive care 36 (-11).


New cases of Covid positivity in decline in Veneto : Today I am 4,960, against 5,505 yesterday, which brings the total of infections in the region to 2,119,832. This was revealed by the regional bulletin. They also register 13 victims , with the total at 15,126. The current positives drop again to 82.780, -1.702 compared to yesterday. Decrease in medical admissions in hospitals: 1,079 (-36) and slight increase in intensive care 45 (+7) in intensive care.


The positives of the day in Campania I am 3,650 of which positive for the antigenic 3,432 and to the molecular: 218. The tests are 20,189 of which antigenic: 16,700 and molecular: 3,489. Seven deaths in the last 48 hours; 5 previously died but registered yesterday.


Today in the Lazio on 3,536 molecular swabs and 17,632 antigenic swabs for a total of 21,168 swabs were recorded 3,561 new cases positive (-486), they are 7 deaths (-15), 1,029 hospitalized, 58 intensive care (-3) and +6,034 recovered. The ratio of positives to swabs is 16.8%. The cases in Rome city are at 1,580. The slowdown in the number of cases on a weekly basis continues, marking a -30%, the incidence drops to 556 per 100 thousand inhabitants and the rt value drops to 0.89.

Emilia Romagna

I’m 3,530 more than yesterday i Covid infections of today of Emilia Romagna , out of a total of 15,940 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. Patients currently hospitalized in the intensive therapies they are 51 (-3 compared to yesterday, -5.6%). . As for the patients hospitalized in the other Covid departments, they are 1,578 (-58 compared to yesterday, -3.5%). 10 deaths.


I’m 3,047 the new positives recorded in the last bulletin of the Region Puglia out of 16,167 tests carried out. Twenty-three deaths. Currently positive people are 50,402. Seventeen the hospitalized in intensive care And 438 people hospitalized in non-critical area .


I’m 2.442 of which 2,364 in antigen tests, the new positives at Covid in Piedmont . The swabs carried out are 15,335 of which 14564 antigen tests, the positive swabs ratio stands at 15.9% . THE ordinary hospitalizations I am 513 (-26 compared to yesterday), those in intensive care 11 unchanged from yesterday. Two deaths reported of patients diagnosed with Covid.


I’m 2.115 the new cases of coronavirus in Tuscany where they register today 18 deaths. The hospitalized are 664 (19 fewer than yesterday), of which 22 in intensive care (-6). Since the beginning of the epidemic in the region there are 1,346,959 infections and 10,466 deaths. The healed reach 1,245,791 (92.5% of total cases) and the currently positive are 90,702. Today 1,656 molecular swabs and 12,121 rapid antigenic swabs were performed, of which 15.4% were positive. On the other hand, 2,952 subjects were tested today (with antigenic and / or molecular swab, excluding control swabs), of which 71.6% were positive.

Covid Italy today, the bulletin of 4 August: 42,976 new positives and 161 deaths – Chronicle