Covid bulletin today, the data on infections and deaths in Italy on Thursday 5 January region by region

Today’s data, Thursday 5 January 2023 on Covid infections, deaths and hospitalizations being updated by the Italian regions that still make the daily bulletin available.

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Today’s data, Thursday 5 January, updated on Covid infections, deaths and hospitalizations. Although the bulletin has become weekly as decided by the Ministry of Health, many Regions continue to send data day by day.

So here are the numbers updated on the last day on the situation relating to the Coronavirus pandemic in Italy, with the territorial bulletins available so far.

Covid Veneto, today 2,249 positive and 15 dead

The number of new infections in Veneto is 2,249 in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of infected since the beginning of the pandemic to 2,655,725. The number of victims rose, 15 more than in the previous survey, with a total of 16,368. The daily bulletin of the Region also reports a drastic decrease in the current positives which go from 49,804 to 41,365 (-8,439). The occupation of hospital beds is decreasing, at least for the less serious cases. There are 1,576 patients hospitalized in the medical area (-10), while those in intensive care are 74 (-4).

Covid Tuscany, today 831 cases and 8 deaths

There are 831 new positive cases of Covid registered on the last day in Tuscany. The number of infected people detected in the region since the beginning of the pandemic therefore rises to 1,572,958. New cases are 0.1% more than the previous day’s total. The healed grow by 0.04% (533 people) and reach 1,487,940 (94.6% of total cases). The data relating to the progress of the pandemic are those ascertained today on the basis of the requests of the national civil protection. The list of deaths is updated with 8 new deaths.

Covid Friuli Venezia Giulia, today 391 new cases and 5 deaths

There are 391 infections from Covid-19 registered in Friuli Venezia Giulia in the last 24 hours, out of a total of 2,949 swabs, with a positivity rate of 13.2 percent. This was announced by the Central Health Directorate of the Region in its daily bulletin. Five deaths are recorded today, two in Udine, two in Gorizia and one in Trieste. People hospitalized in intensive care (one less) drop to five, while positive patients hospitalized in other departments rise to 241 (one more). In the last seven days, the incidence rate of infections in the region is equal to 260 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Covid Puglia, today 1,615 cases and 3 deaths

Today in Puglia there are 1,615 new cases of Covid positivity out of 7,848 tests for an incidence of 20.57%. There are three recorded deaths. Overall, of the 18,693 currently positive people, 264 are hospitalized in a non-critical area (yesterday 266) and 18 in intensive care (yesterday 17).

Covid Lazio, today 1,874 cases and 2 deaths

They are 1,874 i new positive cases registered in Rome and Lazio today, Thursday 5 January 2023, 2,250 more than yesterday. In the last 24 hours, 13,424 swabs were processed, including 2,500 molecular and 10,924 antigenic: the ratio between positives and swabs is 13.9%. 280 people have recovered, while 2 have died. The current positive cases of Covid-19 in Lazio are 46,863, 46,136 people in home isolation. There are 700 hospitalized patients not in intensive care, 11 fewer than yesterday, while 27 people are registered in intensive care, one more than yesterday.

Covid Sardinia, today 390 new infections and one death

One death in the Asl of Sassari and infections still decreasing in Sardinia where there are 390 additional cases of Covid compared to 499 the previous day. A total of 1642 swabs were processed, between molecular and antigenic. Patients admitted to intensive care units drop to 6 (-1) and those in the medical area to 121 (-2). Finally, there are 6124 cases of home isolation (-34).

Covid Calabria, today and 740 infections and 5 deaths

There are 740 new infections from Covid in Calabria while there are 5l and victims. The positivity rate rises from 18.74% to 19.28%. The number of hospitalized patients was stable, increasing by 1 in the medical area (188) and decreasing by 2 in intensive care (13). The decline in active cases also continues, which today are 5,854 (-388) compared to 1,123 new healed. Home blocks are 5,653 (-387).


Covid bulletin today, the data on infections and deaths in Italy on Thursday 5 January region by region