Covid bulletin today, the data on infections and deaths in Italy on Saturday 7 January region by region

Today’s data, Saturday 7 January 2023, updated on Covid infections, deaths and hospitalizations updated by the Italian regions that still make the daily bulletin available.

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Today’s data, Saturday 7 January, updated on Covid infections, deaths and hospitalizations. Although the bulletin has become weekly as decided by the Ministry of Health – the latest was released yesterday – many Regions continue to send data day by day.

So here are the numbers updated on the last day on the situation relating to the Coronavirus pandemic in Italy, with the territorial bulletins available so far.

Covid Tuscany, today 156 new cases and no deaths

There are 156 new cases of Covid-19 registered in the last twenty-four hours in Tuscany: the number of infected people detected in the region since the beginning of the pandemic therefore rises to 1,573,851. 219 molecular swabs and 1,105 rapid antigenic swabs were performed: of these, 11.8% (70.9 for the first diagnoses) tested positive, down 4 percentage points compared to yesterday when it was 15.9%. No deaths have been recorded in the last 24 hours.

Covid Veneto, 384 new cases and one death

There are 384 new cases registered in Veneto on Epiphany day, with one death; the total of infections at the regional level is 2,657,870, that of the dead is 16,381. The official positives in isolation are 36,998, 69 fewer than in the previous 24 hours. In hospital wards, admissions to non-critical areas increased slightly (+8), which amounted to 1,544, while those in intensive care remained unchanged (74).

Covid Puglia, today 456 positive and 2 dead

There are 456 new cases of Covid-19 infection out of 3,429 tests carried out in the last few hours in Puglia with a percentage of infections of 13.3% (yesterday 19%). Two deaths compared to 5 yesterday. There are currently 18,904 positive people, 253 those hospitalized in a non-critical area, 17 in intensive care (yesterday 18).

Covid Calabria, today 279 infections and one victim

There are 279 new infections from Covid 19 in Calabria where, in the last 24 hours, there is also one victim, with the total since the beginning of the pandemic rising to 3,238. The positivity rate is decreasing, going from 24.16% yesterday to 16.44% today. In hospitals, the number of inpatients remains stable, both in the medical area (174) and in intensive care (10).

Covid Friuli Venezia Giulia, today 96 new cases and 2 deaths

Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia, out of a total of 977 tests and swabs, 96 positivity to Covid 19 were found. There are 2 people hospitalized in intensive care, while there are 222 patients hospitalized in other wards. This was announced by the Central Health Directorate of the Fvg Region in the daily bulletin. Today there are 2 deaths, of which 1 in Udine and 1 in Pordenone.

Covid Sardinia, 159 new cases and one death

In Sardinia there are today 159 further confirmed cases of positivity to Covid (of which 118 diagnosed with an antigenic swab). A total of 845 swabs were processed, between molecular and antigenic. There are 7 (-1) patients hospitalized in intensive care. There are 122 patients hospitalized in the medical area (like yesterday). 5935 are the cases of home isolation (-64). There is one death of a 76-year-old woman.

Covid Campania, today 439 positives and no deaths

According to data from the Campania Region bulletin, there are 439 new positives for Covid out of 3443 tests examined. Against a clear decrease in tests compared to yesterday, the incidence rate went from 15.45% to 12.75%. No deaths. In hospitals, the number of beds occupied in intensive care remains unchanged at 17; there is a slight increase in hospital admissions with 363 occupied beds (+3 compared to yesterday).

Covid Lazio, 580 infections and 2 deaths

Today in Lazio out of 1,532 molecular swabs and 4,393 antigenic swabs for a total of 5,925 swabs, there are 580 new positive cases (-1,210), 2 deaths (-5), 722 hospitalized (+13), 27 therapies intensive (-2) and +1,182 healed. The ratio between positives and swabs is 9.7%. The cases in the city of Rome are at an altitude of 296. This was communicated by the councilor for health of Lazio Alessio D’Amato.


Covid bulletin today, the data on infections and deaths in Italy on Saturday 7 January region by region