Coronavirus, latest news: 9,894 new cases and 42 deaths in Italy


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There are 9,894 new coronavirus positives at 15.57 on Monday 15 August and bring the total, since the beginning of the pandemic, to 21,509,424. The deaths, in the last 24 hours, were 42 so as to total 174,102 units from February 2020 to this part. The currently positives counted in Italy are 867,064 and of these 7,504 hospitalized with symptoms and 301 in intensive care. There are 859,259 people subjected to home isolation. This is the picture that emerges following the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health, elaborated on the basis of 64,109 swabs carried out against the 131,302 on Sunday 14 August. The positivity rate was 15.4% against 14.8% the previous day.


Cases currently positive, cured, deaths and total cases from first detection to date. New cases day by day

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In Emilia Romagna 1,069 new infections 10 victims

The region with the highest number of new cases is Emilia Romagna, where 1,069 are registered against 4,924 swabs performed. The patients currently admitted to intensive care in Emilia-Romagna are 38 (+2 compared to Sunday, + 5.6%), the average age is 66.3 years. As for the patients admitted to the other Covid departments, they are 1,263 (+23 compared to the previous day, + 1.9%), average age 75.5 years. There are therefore 10 deaths.


The number of admissions per day, those in intensive care, and the daily percentage growth.

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Veneto, 1,029 cases and 5 deaths

The second region for the number of daily cases is Veneto, where in the last 24 hours there are 1,029 positives (Sunday they were 2,376), bringing the total to 2,154,688. The currently positive cases are 57,527. Five new deaths were recorded (totaling 15,257). On the hospital front, the Region reports 914 (-5) people hospitalized for Covid in non-critical wards, and 43 (+1) in those in intensive care.

The 5 regions with the most daily cases

The order depends on the number of new cases or, by choosing the menu, on the percentage of positivity to the swab or the ratio between new cases and regional population (given per 100,000 inhabitants)

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Lazio, 1,017 cases and 4 deaths

Third regional performance was that of Lazio, where 1,017 new positive cases were recorded out of 1,352 molecular swabs and 4,982 antigenic swabs for a total of 6,339 swabs (-841). Four deaths (-3), 814 hospitalized (+6), 51 intensive care (-2) and +2,868 recovered. The ratio of positives to swabs is 16%. The cases in Rome city are at 572.

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There were 19,457 new coronavirus positives detected by the daily bulletin. The total of those currently infected thus reached 877,570 units. There were 78 deaths in 24 hours. 7,543 people were hospitalized with symptoms in ordinary hospital wards and 298 people were hospitalized in intensive care units. The subjects kept under medical observation in home isolation were 869,729

Coronavirus, latest news: 9,894 new cases and 42 deaths in Italy