Coronavirus in Italy, the weekly bulletin of 23 December

From 16 to 22 December, 137,599 new cases of Covid and 798 deaths were recorded: 174,652 infections and 719 deaths had been detected the previous week. The victims are up by 11%, while the cases of positivity are down (-21.2%). Occupied intensive care units and ordinary hospitalizations also drop

The epidemic curve in Italy is confirmed as decreasing (-21.2%), even if the number of deaths continues to grow (+11%). In the week of December 16-22, according to the weekly bulletin of the Ministry of Health, 137,599 new positive cases were recorded, which in the previous week (December 9-15) amounted to 174,652. The number of dead, however, is increasing: they are 798 compared to 719 seven days ago. There were 1,019,362 swabs performed (1,093,207 swabs the previous week, therefore -6.8%) with the positivity rate falling to 13.5% (compared to 16.0%). (LIVE UPDATESTHE SPECIAL)

Intensive care and hospitalizations are decreasing

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The figure for occupied intensive care units was positive, going from 321 to 312 (-9). The same goes for ordinary hospitalizations: in the week of December 9-15 there were 9,439, in this week they fell to 8,753 (-686).

Bulletin notes

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In the notes of the bulletin of the last available bulletin, that of 22 December, we read that: “The Abruzzo Region announces that 1 case has been eliminated from the total of positives as it was duplicated and that of the total deaths communicated today, 4 cases occurred in recent days and communicated today by the ASL of Pescara. The Basilicata Region announces that the data relating to the number of “Cases in home isolation” and the “Healed” is under review. The Campania Region announces that following the checks today, it can be seen that 6 deaths recorded today date back to a period between 04/11/2022 and 19/12/2022 The Emilia-Romagna Region announces that 2 cases communicated in the previous days have been eliminated, as judged not to be COVID-19 cases The Friuli Venezia Giulia Region announces that the total number of positive cases has been reduced by 3 following 3 positive tests removed after review of the case, and that of the 12 deaths reported today, 3 have occurred nuted in the previous weeks and months. The Umbria Region communicates that 3 of the non-UTI hospitalizations belong to the discipline codes of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics, and that 122 of the non-UTI hospitalizations belong to other discipline codes, of which 53 in post-acute, rehabilitation disciplines (codes 60, 28, 56, 75). The Veneto Region communicates that in the values ​​reported for intensive care there was a temporal misalignment of the information flow therefore by convention 9 discharged from ICUs were reported instead of the n. 4 effective which also includes the negative ones”.

The victims

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In detail, according to the data released by the Ministry of Health on December 22, as regards the victims, the following are registered:

44,489 in Lombardy

16,226 in Veneto

11,501 in Campania

12,504 in Lazio

18,849 in Emilia-Romagna

12,410 in Sicily

13,762 in Piedmont

9,385 in Puglia

11,308 in Tuscany

4,271 in the Marches

5,735 in Liguria

3,816 in Abruzzo

3,181 in Calabria

5,815 in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

2,862 in Sardinia

2,320 in Umbria

1,598 in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano

1,631 in the Autonomous Province of Trento

1,009 in Basilicata

702 in Molise

562 in the Aosta Valley

Coronavirus in Italy, the weekly bulletin of 23 December