Coronavirus in Italy, the weekly bulletin of 18 November

From 11 to 17 November, 208,346 cases of Covid and 533 victims were recorded: the previous week, 181,181 infections and 549 deaths had been detected. The epidemic curve is growing again and hospitalizations are rising: compared to 7 days ago, ordinary hospitalizations and those in intensive care are on the rise. The number of current positives also increases

There are 208,346 new Covid positives recorded in the week from 11 to 17 November (the week before they had been 181,181) while there were 533 deaths in the same reference period. It emerges from the data of the weekly bulletin of the Ministry of Health published today. The epidemic curve in Italy is growing. The increase in positivity cases recorded in seven days is 15%. While the victims in the same period of time last week had been 549 and are now 180,518 in total (LIVE UPDATESTHE SPECIAL).

Hospitalizations and intensive therapies

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Hospitalizations are also starting to rise: intensive care units are 44 more (last week -35) for a total of 247, while ordinary hospitalizations go up by 625 units (seven days ago -248), 6,081 in all. The number of current positives is also increasing, 41,341 more (last week -6,557) which thus rises to 452,895, of which 445,667 in home isolation.

Bulletin notes

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In the notes of the bulletin of the last available bulletin, that of 17 November, we read that “The Abruzzo Region communicates that the 3 deaths communicated today occurred in recent days and communicated today, 2 by the Pescara ASL and 1 by the ASL of Avezzano – Sulmona – L’Aquila. The Basilicata Region announces that the data relating to the number of “Cases in home isolation” and “Healed” is under review. The Campania Region announces that, following today’s checks, it appears that the death recorded today dates back to 29/10. The Emilia Romagna Region announces that 4 cases have been eliminated, positive for antigen tests but not confirmed by a molecular swab. The Friuli Venezia Giulia Region communicates that of the 5 deaths reported today, 3 occurred in the previous weeks. The Umbria Region communicates that 3 of the non-UTI hospitalizations belong to the discipline codes of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics and that 99 of the non-UTI hospitalizations belong to other discipline codes, of which 40 in post-acute, rehabilitation disciplines (codes 60, 28, 56, 75). The Valle d’Aosta Region announces that due to a technical problem, it was not possible to extract today’s bulletin, therefore the data referring to yesterday is reported. The Veneto Region communicates that in the values ​​reported for intensive care there was a temporal misalignment of the information flow, therefore by convention 7 discharged from ICUs were reported instead of the n. 1 which also includes the negative ones”.

The victims

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In detail, according to data released by the Ministry of Health, as regards the victims, the following are recorded:

43,509 in Lombardy

15,853 in Veneto

11,348 in Campania

12,294 in Lazio

18,391 in Emilia-Romagna

12,283 in Sicily

13,700 in Piedmont

9,226 in Puglia

11,092 in Tuscany

4,191 in the Marches

5,649 in Liguria

3,741 in Abruzzo

3,101 in Calabria

5,642 in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

2,818 in Sardinia

2,237 in Umbria

1,580 in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano

1,622 in the Autonomous Province of Trento

990 in Basilicata

692 in Molise

559 in the Aosta Valley

Coronavirus in Italy, the weekly bulletin of 18 November