Coppa Italia, Trento is first in the Final Four

In comeback he conquers the Palapanini and conquers the right to play the semifinal. Tomorrow at 20.30 the other quarters

Modena-Trento 1-3 (25-17, 26-28, 22-25, 20-25)

Itas Trentino is the first to qualify for the Final Four scheduled in Rome on 25-26 February. Tomorrow at 20.30 Perugia-Cisterna, Verona-Piacenza and Civitanova-MilanoTrento will be the first to qualify for the next final outside the Italian Cup. As in the great evenings, the Palapanini is almost complete for a challenge which, surprisingly, pitted the third, Modena, against the sixth, Trento. Despite the classification, Lorenzetti’s team was the big favourite. After getting the wrong approach to the match, the away team started to command the score, forcing Modena into a continuous run-up.

Sextets confirmed

No surprises in the opening sextets. Modena with Bruno-Lagumdzija, Ngapeth-Rinaldi, Stankovic-Sanguinetti, free Rossini. Trento with Sbertoli-Kaziyski, Podrascanin-Lisinac, Michieletto-Lavia, with Laurenzano free. The first set starts immediately well for Modena. Everything works, block, defense, serve, attack. Quite the opposite in the field of Trento in evident difficulty in front of a determined Modena that doesn’t make mistakes. Modena’s defense and Ngapeth’s attack – Two errors by Lisinac and Michieletto, interspersed with Lagumdzjia’s attack bring the gialloblù up +6 (13-7). On 10-6 Lorenzetti’s first time out, while the hosts maintain the advantage with authority reaching up to 18-10. Compromised situation for Trento (Michieletto and Lavia not received) who has to wait for the second set to get out of the tunnel.


In fact, in the second set, Lorenzetti’s team starts 4 – 1. Ngapeth reduces the gap to -2 (4-6). And thanks to the French Modena win back Trento on 8 all. Michieletto’s jokes create apprehension among the Modena players (9-11) but an attack by Lagumdzjia will stop the blue’s streak. Modena does not give up, a double blow from the young Sala calls everything into question (15-16). Trento finds Michieletto again and Sbertoli’s block on Rinaldi guarantees a +4 for the guests (19-23). Stankovic’s block (21-23) forces Lorenzetti to stop the game. Dzavoronok’s wrong serve and Kaziyski’s attack lead the teams to a tie (24-24). Bruno’s ace on Lavia (26-25) deceives Modena, Trento finds parity and with Kaziyski wins the set with great suffering. Lost opportunity for Bruno and c. Trento dragged by the rediscovered Lavia (7 points in the partial) and by 6 blocks, 3 of which signed by Podrascanin In the third set balance still reigns even if Trento escapes, supported by an excellent reception which forces Modena to force the serve by committing too many errors. service from Ngapeth, Lagzumdzja closes the point that approaches Modena (9-10) . Attack out of Sanguinetti and Trento back to +2. Lorenzetti’s sextet always manages to keep the level of their game high. Modena stays in the wake with a few sharp blocks like Bruno’s block on Kaziyski (13-14) Trento goes back to +4 on Rinaldi’s wrong serve An advantage that remains so until 18-22. Almost compromised set for Modena which raises its head up to -2 (22-24). In the fourth, Giani puts Lagumdzija back on the field in place of an excellent Sala. Modena relies above all on Ngapeth, on the other hand Michieletto is a thorn in the side of Modena. Trento goes ahead +3 (13-16), but Valsa has a surge of pride and takes Lagmdzizia to 17 all. Stankovic’s first half would be the winner, but the return ball hits Rinaldi’s head. Kaziyski puts Trento ahead, Bruno’s mistakes reject the possible comeback from Modena which is once again at -3. Ngapeth’s out attack effectively closes the match. Trento thanks and takes flight towards the final outside Rome

Coppa Italia, Trento is first in the Final Four