Colombian journalist based in Italy denounced that her ex

In the image, the Colombian journalist based in Italy who denounces that her daughter was kidnapped by her ex-partner. Photo: private archive

Giovanna Valencia, a Colombian journalist that after working in different Colombian and Argentine media, he decided to settle in Italydenounced that her husband and father of her three-year-old daughterwhom he met on Italian territory, not only he physically and psychologically abused her for the past four yearsbut also, that he would have kidnapped the minor in recent weeks in the middle of the divorce process that the two are carrying out.

Through a video shared by her Instagram account, the communicator recounted that, because for the last four years she was a victim of domestic violence by her daughter’s father, she decided to start her separation process. In the middle of the process, according to Valencia, the man and his family allegedly kidnapped his daughter.

My daughter has been kidnapped by her father and his family since June 13. I haven’t been able to get it back… We were under protection in a family home run by the State, but her father filed an emergency stay, which says the girl was in danger with me. We are in the process of separating and they decided to put her in a neutral point that is his aunt; the person who kidnapped her from my house. I don’t understand Italian lawrecounted the journalist.

In dialogue with Semana magazine, Valencia provided more details about the turbulent relationship that he would have had with his now ex-partner, and what the kidnapping of his three-year-old daughter would have been like.

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According to the journalist, she was a victim of domestic violence by her daughter’s father since before she was born. In his account to the Bogota media he stated that, when he was barely four months pregnant, the man hit her looking for Valencia to lose the baby. Giovanna rated the situation as paradoxical because, today, his ex-partner took his daughter irregularly.

The communicator explained to Semana that, last June 13ththe relatives of father of his daughter told him that they would go out with the minor to the park to spend some time with herHowever, according to Valencia’s account, they never returned the girl.

Colombian journalist denounced that her daughter was kidnapped in Italy

Given the situation, according to what he said, a Italian judge had to intervene so that two months later the little girl could be under the care of her mother. That was how Giovanna and her daughter ended up living in a shelter, until her ex-partner filed a complaint. “emergency stay” because allegedly the minor was in danger with her motherso the girl was left in the care of an aunt of her ex-husband, whom the journalist points out to be the person who keeps the minor kidnapped.

When the girl sees me, she starts to cry because she asks me to hug her or to be with her. But now the family says that it hurts the girl to see me and is requesting to remove my virtual visits. What they want is that my daughter, who is only three years old, forget about methe journalist assured Semana.

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According to Valencia, so far the The Colombian Consulate in Italy has not done anything to help herand for this reason he stated that he decided to present his case through social networks in order to seek support from his colleagues.

“I am the victim of a possible femicide, because they threatened me with death and the Embassy does nothing”, The journalist pointed out the same means.

I am demanding that my daughter be nationalized as Colombian because her mother is Colombian. I have been a victim of violence for four years. I am without my daughter and the Italian government only protects this man. Do something, I am without my daughter, destroyed in Italy. no one does anythingconcluded the communicator in her story shared on social networks.


Colombian journalist based in Italy denounced that her ex-partner kidnapped her daughter: “They threatened me with death”