Chery OMODA 5, a new electric SUV arrives in Italy in 2023 in pursuit of the MG ZS EV

Chery also assaults Europe. The Chinese brand will debut a new electric SUV in the Old Continent, starting with Italy, where the new Chery OMODA 5 will try to gain an important foothold among customers. Its arguments, a modern and attractive design, power and a range of almost 500 kilometers.

BYD has not waited until the end of the year to storm Europe with a new range of electric cars. The Asian manufacturer has already set prices for its models in the main European countries, although a new rival has just emerged with which it will also have to deal. Is about cheryanother brand from the Far East that has already announced his landing in Italy.

The transalpine country will be the first to receive units from the new Chery OMODA 5an attractive model that adds to the wide range of electrical, being located in the compact segment, thanks to contained measures -detailed below- but standing out for a very modern style. Its front has a large panel that close the grill space with a chrome honeycomb, and that extends almost to the edge of the bumper providing more character.

Officially approved measurements for the Chery OMODA 5

The interior of the Chery OMODA 5 offers technology and further elaboration

The Chery OMODA 5 is an electric SUV with a sports cut

The optical groups appear divided, with some very fine at the top that extend to the wings, and the headlights main in a second level. The roof features a floating style thanks to a sloping top panel, windshield and a rear pillar that has been darkened for this purpose. The rear view mirrors have been anchored to the doors and the spoiler over the roof reinforce the sportiness, while the rear does not shine at all, with some thin pilots that are joined through a piece in glossy black.

Inside, the Chery OMODA 5 flaunts technology, with a driving position that stands out for a large digital display that extends in one piece to the touch part of the central console, although in reality it is two screens. The infotainment system has a powerful voice assistant that understands natural language commands, and that allows access to the settings of different systems, including the automatic climate control.

Chery prints a sophisticated interior on board the OMODA 5

The OMODA 5 will also have advanced driving assistants, which include blind spot monitoring on the driver’s side, automatic emergency braking, the recognition camera for pedestrians and cyclists, adaptive cruise control, the assistant active lane keeping or rear cross traffic alert, among many others.

The Asian firm will offer the OMODA 5 with a front electric motor that develops a maximum power of 150 kW, equivalent to 204 hp. A unit that is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 64 kWh, and with which it offers a maximum autonomy of up to 450 kilometers. The manufacturer has barely provided performance data, beyond the 7.8 seconds it takes to reach 100 km/h, although it does need 35 minutes to recharge from 10 to 80% from the battery.

Chery OMODA 5, a new electric SUV arrives in Italy in 2023 in pursuit of the MG ZS EV