Casini and Italy in storm: “Too many amateurs in politics, the only embankment are the dem”

“I’m not afraid of fascism, I fear amateurism, giving simplistic answers to complex problems.” It does not use diplomacy Pier Ferdinando Casini speaking at the conference “The influence of the international framework on Italian elections” organized in the prestigious headquarters of the Don Luigi Sturzo Foundation in Rome. With Bruno Tabacci, Lucio D’Ubaldo, Claudio Mancini And Simona ColarizziCasini was very clear: “The political forces that today are asking Draghi to intervene on the bills are the same ones that brought down Dragons making Italy weak and ungovernable in this storm and they are the same ones they look to Putin. I believe people need to reflect. It is a thing of total irresponsibility. Because of these amateurish attitudes, we risk finding ourselves in a perfect storm in a few months. In the face of this, the Democratic Party is the only embankment ». Then the sharp lunge against the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini: «Every time Salvini says something, the next day the Kremlin intervenes to endorse it. The game is so serious that Meloni does not know how to extricate herself because the real risk is not only for Italy but also for her, that she is the intended victim ».

«I – said Casini – am not a member of the Democratic Party. I am a candidate in the center-left and I think in all conscience that it is a party that has made a fundamental choice: in recent years it has chosen Italy even when it cost it votes. And he did it until the end, until the M5S matured their retirement and brought down Draghi. We are building the castle of errors and horrors that we will pay hard, we are laying the foundations for a situation that is in danger of exploding. This is why the battle is important and never before has it been played out on international issues as today. I am convinced that the issue is only democracy. It is not that Putin was afraid that NATO would arrive in Ukraine. Putin, with the acts he has consistently put in place over 15 years, has shown that for him the existence of democracy is incompatible on the borders of Russia, in Ukraine or Belarus or Georgia: he cannot accept it ».

The entire meeting essentially revolved around a parallel, the one with the 1948 elections which saw the clear affirmation of the Christian Democracy against the Communist Party, thus avoiding risks on Italy’s position in the world of the two opposing blocs. «The western response to Putin’s annexation of Crimea was timid», said Tabacci who added «I don’t think Conte and Salvini have shone for the clarity of their positions in foreign policy. Salvini was ambiguous about the sanctions; Conte was more underground but no less ambiguous for this. He wanted to send the darts to the Ukrainians to defend himself … ». And, again, “Foreign policy was the opening of all the interventions of the leaders of the old DC in congresses, today it has disappeared.” D’Ubaldo also refers to foreign policy, specifically speaking of the Atlanticism of FdI: «The roots of the Atlanticism of Giorgia Meloni’s party lie in that Atlanticism of the facade, not convinced, of the Italian Social Movement».

“I started talking about foreign policy in my meetings with people,” Mancini replied. “I consider the most dangerous situation of 1948. At that moment there was the Constituent Assembly and the change in Salerno and the international positioning on both sides was clear, as well as great knowledge of its functioning and consequences of its change. Today, however, the situation is much more complex. I remember when the Brothers of Italy did not applaud Mattarella, I have in mind the first words of Berlusconi’s election campaign on presidentialism and we have all heard Salvini’s words on sanctions. The elections are a historic passage for the country and I believe that in ’48, in ’76 and in ’94 they will produce unpredictable electoral shifts which then lasted a long time. International issues are once again central and the future of the country is at stake in the vote ». Also because «on the illegal occupation of Crimea – insists Casini – Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi went to Putin saying that it was a Russian land. It is irresponsible today to play with the sanctions on Russia, as it was to take away the trust of Draghi, which the M5S did as soon as the terms for the parliamentary retirement matured. What is at stake is Italy’s credibility ».


Casini and Italy in storm: “Too many amateurs in politics, the only embankment are the dem”