Casa Italia Libia is also looking for business opportunities for Brescia

Libya is a country of economic and entrepreneurial opportunities from which the Italian industrial, artisanal and commercial systems can seize interesting opportunities. Gigantic works are being planned in Libya which the North African country can cope with for its economic resources but not for its industrial and handicraft capacities.

In practice, to act as a driving force for the “hunger” for development, there is no lack of the possibility of investing, however there is a lack of technical knowledge, technological equipment, machinery, planning skills and industrial experience, everything in which Brescia and Lombardy excel. However, setting foot in Libya can be difficult. Facilitating the possibility is the task of the chambers of commerce or associations that know that reality well from an economic, political and social point of view.

In Brescia, since 2018, work “Casa Italia Libia”an association started by Fabrizio Reggiani and Vincenzo Massardi to make decades of experience in the country and both institutional and entrepreneurial contacts available to the «made in Brescia».

The point

According to Reggiani, the president of Casa Italia Libia, now would be the perfect time to enter Libya and participate in its growth. “The country is described as dangerous, but the reality is different – he explains -. The Americans, the British, the French, the Germans, the Indians, the Chinese, the Koreans and the Turks have already noticed this, and with their large and small businesses they are doing a gold business. The rediscovered Libyan dynamism is witnessed by many projects for works of all kinds, both public and industrial infrastructure, some of which are particularly relevant”.

The project

Among these, the most promising from a business point of view is that of urbanization and industrialization of a western area which extends over 350 square kilometers and involves twenty Municipalities, which has already had government approval. The development project is led by engineer Taher Hwesh, head of CCDI Garian. The area is expected to be structurally connected to west coast cities by building roads, highways, railways, ports and an airport.

In addition to those for new urbanization and road infrastructure, there are projects for agricultural expansion and even for the production of renewable energy. In agriculture, the one concentrated in Fezzen stands out, in the southern area, where there are 12 million date plants. The idea is to mechanize the collection, selection, transformation and packaging processes. A first “mission” with Italian companies has already been carried out.

On the subject of “green” energy, however, the bank for the financing of the development of alternative energies is being set up. The project fears the creation of photovoltaic and wind farms, as well as the construction of plants to produce hydrogen. For the spring of 2023 Casa Italia Libia is working on the organization of a face to face in Tripoli between Italian and Libyan entrepreneursto give the possibility to those who wish to touch the concreteness of the opportunities.