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New sting around the corner for Italian families with the arrival of the new year: after the increase in toll motorways and the fuelin 2023 the bus, metro fares and local public transport.

According to Assoutenti estimates, the increases will affect all the main cities of our country: from 9 January in Milan the ordinary ticket will cost 2.20 euros, with an increase of 20 cents. Even worse in Rome, where from August 2023 the price will jump from the current 1.50 euros to 2 euros, with an increase by 33%. Naples is no better off, where the ticket has already risen in the last few months from 1 to 1.20 euros. In Parma the cost of a single journey goes from 1.50 euro to 1.60 euro, while in Ferrara the price of the ticket rises from 1.30 to 1.50 euro.

Price increases, not just buses and metros: +2% on motorways, petrol skyrocketing

Hand in hand with public transport, tolls on journeys under the responsibility of Autostrade per l’Italia are increased by 2% from January 1st: a further addition of 1.34% is on the way, starting next July. According to Assoutenti data, for example, going from Rome (South) to Milan (West) requires a toll increased by 80 cents (from 46.5 euros in 2022 to the current 47.3 euros), to then reach 48 euros a July. From Naples (north) to Milan last year 58.6 euros were spent while now 59.7 euros are needed and from next July 60.5 euros.

Chapter elimination of the cut in excise duties on fuel: here the estimate by Assoutenti is of an increase in expenditure on average equal to +366 euros per year to family. Codacons accounts for the Italians after all the price increases: we are talking about a sting of +2,435 euros per family for the year that has just opened.

Prices that at this point must alarm the Italians, involved in a “real and proper sting during 2023″, according to the president of Assoutenti, Furio Truzzi.

The worst thing is that these are completely unfair price increases, with consumers called upon to foot the bill for the current economic crisis. The Meloni government’s choice not to extend the cut in excise duties is wrong, because increases in price lists at the pump will produce cascading price increases for goods and services in all sectors.

Price increases, the reaction of the opposition: “Government gives raises to families”

The reaction of the opposition is not long in coming: Italian left accuses the government, which “gives” increases to families while through the amnesty “protect the strongest“. In the crosshairs of Action-Italia Viva there is Matteo Salvini in particular: in such a context, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport would be “responsible for a real disaster”.

In the meantime, the government is trying to take cover on the new price increases: from Palazzo Chigi they let it be known that from 1 January the forms to request the Purchase card. A measure that will allow citizens aged 65 and over and parents of children under the age of three to obtain a contribution of 80 euros every two months, to be used for food and health expenses and for the payment of electricity and gas bills.

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Bus and metro price increases, expected increases throughout Italy • TAG24