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Weather: Burian, frost and snow in Italy? The ideal conditions…

Burian: It’s the icy wind of the Siberian steppeBurian on Italy? During the winter, it may happen that Europe and also our country are attracted powerful waves of frost and snow same sudden arrival from distant Russian lands: in technical terms, this burglary takes its name precisely from Burien.
It’s a rare event, but with the right configurations, it can literally turn our weather conditions upside down in a matter of days.

With the term Burien to be precise, an icy northeast wind is identified blowing across the icy e the endless Siberian lands or the Kazakh steppes targeting the Urals and the Sarmatian lowlands. Often it goes as far as Xinjiang in Asia, less often it crosses the Urals and enters Europe. The term comes from the Russian language, or even earlier from the Turkish buragan, which means ” very strong wind“. In fact, the Buran is a stormy wind, the arrival of which not only drops the temperature (even by 10°C in less than 24 hours), but is often associated with reality blizzards.

Ideal configurations for frost and snow in Europe and Italy. Only certain baric configurations allow the Burians to reach the heart of the Old Continent. As can be seen on the reanalysis map below (event of February 2018), the favorable synoptic diagram is the so-called diagram Weikoff Bridge“, which occurs when the Azores Anticyclone extends from the Atlantic to Scandinavia/Kola Peninsula and partially merges with the Russo-Siberian Anticyclone (Russian Anticyclone or Russian Bear). L’cold air of continental arctic origin thus, it flows along the eastern edge of the bridge at high pressure and pushes into Europe, where it intrudes with freezing northeasterly winds causing thermal meltdown and local blizzard events (raging snowstorms).Configuration to have Burian on Italy. The case of February 2018

If the bridge is strong, cold air can also flow back across Europe, reaching Italy, France and the Iberian Peninsula. Some examples These events took place in February 1929, February 1956, March 1987, December 1996, December 2001 and again in February 2012, 2018 and 2021 to approximate the present day.

The current weather conditions in Europe and Italy are anything but wintry, but we cannot exclude the possibility that such an event will occur in the coming weeks, which, we remind you, can also be triggered in a short time. of time. We will follow the evolution very closely because the species have evolved in recent years the second part of the winter was often very eventful, with sharp changes in meridians and the onset of strong cold spells.

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