Brothers of Italy want seats in the North, Meloni: «The date of the vote? Surprised, but we are ready “

Fratelli d’Italia has on average between 22 and 24 percent of the votes of the polls and this figure must be what guides, according to the party of Giorgia Meloni, the subdivision of single-member constituencies in the center-right. The criterion for assignment between allies has always been this and this must remain for FdI.

Therefore, the negotiations between Giorgia Meloni, Salvini and Berlusconi will begin and on this basis in view of the fateful vote of 25 September. And Meloni’s party is convinced that if compliance with this rule is observed there will be no problems. But you know: Giorgia is used to not trusting too much with the Pd and Draghi before regretting it in these hours and returning with her, not to trust the other two too much. Even if now the idyll in the center-right seems to have broken out (how long will it last?) And the leader of the Brothers of Italy guest at Tg2Post by Gennaro Sangiuliano last night said: «I am grateful to the allies. I appreciate the position they have taken regarding the Draghi government ».

And now he hopes for an electoral campaign without tripping and in full harmony.
The format of Giorgia’s August-September campaign is ready: no populism but seriousness; insistence on issues that interest Italians (not how Draghi ended up, not agreements and disagreements with allies, not the demonization of opponents but bills, licenses, economic and food crisis, taxes and so on); underlining the Atlanticist position of the right.

The leader explains: «We frankly did not expect to get to the vote on 25 September. The demise of this government was daring and unexpected but we are ready and in the political panorama FdI will be the party that least of all will have to explain what it wants to do. Our priorities, our placement and posture on how to deal with crises have always been clearly articulated by us in recent years. We just need to reiterate them. Those in difficulty are others who have to reinvent themselves a new identity ».

And Meloni is keen to underline: “The White House statement was more respectful than that of some European exponents who spoke out against the government crisis in Italy: I experienced those positions as an interference, a fact that no nation should allow itself to do. No one in Italy has allowed himself to say that Boris Johnson did not have to go home because we have respect for other democracies and we do not go straight into things that do not concern us. On the other hand, nobody wants to question the western position of Italy and certainly does not question it FdI which in fact has clearly shown which half of the field is “.

In the eyes of the Melonians, written assurance is needed – they prefer not to call it an anti-mess pact anymore – from the newly found allies who will no longer leave the perimeter of the center-right. And again: who won the municipal elections in the North? FdI with a lot of overtaking on the League. And this must mean, in the expectations of via della Scrofa, a greater number of colleges than in the past in that productive North of which Giorgia feels fully representative.


Brothers of Italy want seats in the North, Meloni: «The date of the vote? Surprised, but we are ready ”