Brothers of Italy takes up space: delegation to Minister Urso. Allies and industry were against: too much power to a single party

There is a appointment governmental which, even before being officially awarded, created a series of clutches within the center-right majority. This is the delegation for the policies space And aerospacewhich except for twists and turns will end up in the hands of the Minister of Enterprises and Made in Italy (formerly Mise) Adolfo Urso. The minutes of the assignment are still not there, but the former president of the Copasir already moves as a delegate: for Wednesday, for example, he is expected to be present at the headquarters of theItalian space agencywhere a meeting will be held to prepare the strategy to be presented during the ministerial Hex (European Space Agency), scheduled in Paris in the second half of November. If Urso will be in France – and this is confirmed by several sources – it is really complex to hypothesize a change of course on the part of Giorgia Melonswhich by law is the owner of thepolitical authority over space and you, as premier, are responsible for appointing a delegate for operational roles. Urso, in this sense, is a very loyal of the premier, who therefore wanted to entrust a exponent the strategic role of its magic circle. The consequence? Neither did this move Force Italy nor to the League by Salvini, who with Giorgetti he managed the sector during the first Government With you and contributed significantly during the Government Dragonswhen the sector was entrusted to the Minister for Technological Innovation Vittorio Colao.

According to what appears a ilfattoquotidiano.itthe Carroccio would have preferred a completely different scheme, namely that of entrusting the delegation to the Minister of Economy (in this case again to Giorgetti) as happens in France And Germany, the major space competitors within ESA. Alternatively, for the Lega it would have been better to entrust the delegation to the undersecretary for technological innovation Alessio Throwalso in order not to unbalance the balance within the Comint and don’t let theex Mise a ministry with ever greater power. Giorgia Meloni decided otherwise, breaking the Northern League dominance in the sector and creating not a few discontent not only in his own majoritybut also inindustry aerospace Italian. In this sense, government allies and entrepreneurs complain of excessive political imbalance in the defense-aerospace sector, completely in the hands of Brothers of Italy. Industrialists, in particular, are afraid of going back in time, when the procurement (we are talking about millions and millions of euros) were the subject of a war between two different factionsone related to center left and the other to right. Those were the times when those in government made their own group of referencewith all due respect to the enemy industrialists, who had to be satisfied with crumbs.

This pattern, interrupted during the Conte Government 1now risks recurring, but also companies and entrepreneurs traditionally linked to the party of Melons they would not be celebrating, because they would have everyone’s eyes aimed on and because they are afraid of receiving contracts not for merit and effectiveness but for nearness politics. Press note: among the companies in the area there is also the On Air Consultinga consulting firm founded and managed by Marco Airaghi (former parliamentarian of the National Alliance) and by Enrico Wiseformer president of ASI arrested in 2014 and then acquitted of attempted extortion (he is still on trial on charges of corruption). What role they will play in the new traction space Brothers of Italy? We will see. If we talk about the industrial sector, then, it is really impossible not to remember that it is space it is also one of the fundamental assets for the Ministry of Defense, currently led by Guido Crosetto. In this sense, it is no mystery that the founder of Brothers of Italy before entering the government through the front door, he was president of theAiad, an acronym that stands for Federation of Italian Companies for Aerospace, Defense and Security. In short: Crosetto is one of the leading Italian experts in the sector, with fresh and well-established relationships with many related companies. And this fact makes many turn up their noses.

Then there remains the question of competence and of strategy national, far from secondary in the present moment. TO Paris Italy will go on to discuss investments for 2.8 billion (the sector can count on 4 billion investments plus 2.2 billion foreseen by the NRP), time is running out and the sector is strategic, as demonstrated by the role of satellites in the war in Ukraine. For some, Italy will try to downsize it French domination within Esa. This is a recurring theme, especially because for years there has been talk of a ‘Italy subjugated from Paris despite the absolute excellence of Made in Italy: the two countries, however, have too many industrial projects in common to imagine one tore up. Instead, it is easier to hypothesize the opening of strategic negotiations with the Germans to balance those with the French and clear Rome from its customs. subordination in Paris. Who will carry out this policy? For now the only certainty is that there will be Adolfo Ursowho on the subject – as president Copasir outgoing – has signed a report on the “aerospace domain as a new frontier of geopolitical competition”. Opinions from the space world? Do not flattering (euphemism).

Brothers of Italy takes up space: delegation to Minister Urso. Allies and industry were against: too much power to a single party – Il Fatto Quotidiano