Bonucci explodes on the Italy bus and jumps up from his seat: there is an intruder

In a video posted on TikTok, the captain of the national team can be seen abruptly sending an intruder off the Italy bus.

Leonardo Bonucci, captain of the national team, ended up in the storm despite himself for a video that appeared on TikTok and which was then also spread on other social channels. In that video we see the Juventus defender kicking out a girl or rather a fan who had boarded the national team bus, a bus that was about to take Italy’s players to the airport, after the match with Albania. The ex Bari then clarified what happened on his Instagram profile.

Italy last Wednesday played a friendly match in Albania, he won it 3-1. The goals from Di Lorenzo and Grifo, author of a brace, were decisive. Now the Azzurri are preparing for the last match of 2022, the one against Austria, another friendly. The immediate after match of Albania-Italy was particular. Because something curious happened that was immortalized in a short video, which has gone viral in the last few hours, because it popped up on social networks.

A nine-second video posted on TikTok featuring the captain of the National get up from his seat and send a girl who had crashed off the bus. Bonucci’s reaction is strong. The Juventus player asks the young woman to leave, to go out, she does it clearly. And his reaction also amazes a series of players who are seen framed in the foreground: Vicario, Pinamonti, Bastoni, Miretti and Acerbi.

The astonished faces of some footballers contrast with the words of the girl who, after being asked to get off the bus immediately, says she has permission. Bonucci’s voice is heard clearly: “Oh, oh, get down oh”, addressed to the girl who replies in Italian: “They told me I could go up”.

The captain continues: “No, no, get off. Go outside.” The girl had got on the bus and who posted the video on Tik Tok wrote in the caption: “The coach invites you to come on, but Bonucci kicks you out”.

In no time at all, the video went around the web and a series of reactions arrived in cascade. There have been those who have lined up against the footballer for his abrupt ways. Excessive rudeness on the part of the thirty-five-year-old Juventus footballer. but also those who defended him by saying that a good captain on the national team bus can make anyone get off. And the bus for footballers is sacred. And it is also normal for an intruder, whoever he is, to be kicked out of there, also for security reasons.

‘L’intrusa’ followed closely the match between Albania and Italy. On her TikTok profile she has posted numerous videos and, in addition to the one in which Bonucci is seen sending her off the bus. This girl was on the sidelines, she immortalized Federico Chiesa’s training in the half-time and had the Albania shirt autographed by Gigio Donnarumma and Nicolò Barella.

Bonucci's post on the subject

Bonucci’s post on the subject

However Bonucci wanted to explain in detail what happened through his Instagram stories: “As Captain and in the face of what has been recriminated to me, I would like to clarify that the girl who got on the bus had been filmed several times by the staff in charge, in the face of various attempts to get on the bus, without any authorisation, let alone from the Coach. She had been repeatedly asked not to go up, having already had the opportunity to take pictures with almost all the players at the stadium exit, in the mixed area. Ignoring the rules she got on anyway and she started filming what was happening on board. The team bus, like the changing rooms, are places where access to outsiders is clearly prohibited. If we are in a world that fights for respect for privacy, then we players too, albeit public figures, are entitled to ours, regardless of the results or the season’s progress. The importance of fan support for a team has nothing to do with this. Respect for the rules, for the authorities and not least for human beings has to do with it. Being the bad guy is never a problem. Instead, it would be to pass for the one who stands up and pushes a person away for no reason”.

Bonucci explodes on the Italy bus and jumps up from his seat: there is an intruder