Bmw Italia launches consolidation programs

An innovative communication project to tell BMW Italia’s way of seeing and interpreting electromobility, in an emotional and passionate way, through music, creativity and art. But also the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the birth of BMW Italia which opened its doors on 30 July 1973 in Palazzolo di Sona (Verona) and the 20th anniversary of BMW Rome which opened its doors in October 2003.
These, and many others, are the appointments that will characterize the activities of the Monaco manufacturer in 2023, as anticipated by Massimiliano Di Silvestre, president and CEO of BMW Italia during a press event in Courmayeur in Valle d’Aosta. “You will be able to appreciate our innovative communication project that we are finalizing – said Di Silvestre – next week during the programming of the Sanremo Festival. It is something extraordinary and exciting that will also have an international development. This is the Italian Bmw Way”.
“Last year in Italy we confirmed our leadership of the premium market at Group level with 65,287 units sold, a slight decrease (-6.2%) compared to the previous year due to the limited availability of products which affected us above all in the third quarter of the year”.
“This, however, in the face of an order intake that has been the best ever for BMW Italia and which today allows us to be able to count on a very important portfolio for all the Group’s brands. The leadership has also been confirmed – underlined di Silvestre of the Group in the premium segment of electrified cars with a 33% share and 11,776 cars sold (+13.3% compared to 2021) of the BMW and Mini brands”.
In 2022, a year in which the launch of the new BMW X1 sav was expected to take place in the fourth quarter of 2022, the company consolidated its leadership in Italy in the entry-level segments of the premium market with the Mini brand which achieved excellent results both from qualitatively and quantitatively. “With the BMW brand – said Di Silvestre – we have strengthened our leadership in the medium-high segments of the premium market, from the 3 Series upwards, unlike our competitors who have a greater penetration, i.e. 6 cars out of 10, in their range in the entry-level segments where we mainly operate with Mini”.
“This approach has allowed us on the one hand to further strengthen the brand’s premium positioning, for example with the launch of the new BMW 7 Series, for the first time starting with the full electric version or the new X7, and on the other – he underlined the CEO of BMW Italia – to significantly increase the profitability of the network and of BMW Italia.
In summary, we have sold more and better in the most prestigious segments of the premium market, successfully presiding over the small premium sector with the Mini brand.
Results that arise – Di Silvestre wanted to reiterate – “also from the great work done by the marketing team who supported the sales management with highly successful initiatives. I am thinking of the pre-launch campaign of the X1 with about 4 thousand orders before its market debut , or the XEV Roadshow with 61 stages and over 5,000 test drives. Or the BMW M Town Tour which visited 40 locations, involving 32 dealers and carrying out 3,500 test drives. Also worth mentioning are the partnerships with AC Milan and the Italian Tennis Federation , the M2 CS Racing championship and our commitment alongside the Ceccato Motors team in Gran Turismo.These activities and many others have strengthened the brand and the brand’s reputation in our country by supporting the desirability of our products”.
“For 2023 at a global and national level, our forecasts are for consolidation of the growth path.
The focus will clearly be on continuing to increase electromobility with the aim of reaching at least 15% of electric vehicles out of our total worldwide sales by the end of the year”. “In Italy, in line with what will happen in globally, we want to increase our segment share in the premium market, consolidate our leadership in the electrified market thanks also to the launch of the BMW iX1 and the new 5 Series available for the first time in the full electric version and the new BMW i4 eDrive35 which completes the offer of the i4 range”.
“We also want to conquer the leadership in the super sports segment by being able to count on extraordinary products such as the M2 Coupé and M3 Touring which are particularly appreciated by the Italian public. We and the network have great focus – concluded the CEO of BMW Italia – also on the X3 which is still a market benchmark, awaiting the arrival of the new versions of X5 and X6 which have always been highly appreciated by Italian customers.


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