Bella Italia: 14 families fulfilled the dream of their own home

Bella Italia: 14 families fulfilled the dream of their own home

From the Ministry of Territorial Development and Habitat and with the accompaniment of the communal president of Bella Italia, Héctor Hildo Perotti, within the framework of the federal plan “Casa Propia” 14 houses were built in the San Francisco de Asís neighborhood of said town.

On the morning of this Thursday, the keys were handed over to the successful bidders.

Various authorities were present at the opening ceremony, including the Secretary of Habitat, Amado Zorzón; Provincial Senator Alcides Calvo and the community president of Bella Italia, Héctor Perotti.

The houses are linear and have two bedrooms with stalls for expansion.

The registration was exclusive for residents of the town who have lived in Bella Italia for 15 years and who do not own properties in their name.

The Federal Own House Program aims to generate housing solutions throughout the national territory through different lines that include the construction of new homes, spare parts or extensions for the improvement of habitat, housing and basic infrastructure conditions, the provision of equipment community and the granting of credits for access to a lot with services and/or to build.

The financing of these houses is for 30 years through the Government of the Nation, these funds have to be destined to the construction of new houses, this program foresees this mechanism so that each one of the localities or the Province through the Secretariat of Habitat, Urbanism and Housing continue to generate new possibilities for the inhabitants, promoting rooting, demographic and economic growth in the different localities of the Castellanos department.

Provincial senator Alcides Calvo expressed his opinion on the matter “The truth is that what we are doing today is very important, it is the merit of the program but mainly of the community management of Héctor Perotti, the construction quality is very good, the most important thing is to offer this program that provides a housing solution and that demonstrates the articulation between Nation and Province to try that those families that do not have a roof of their own can achieve it through this Casa Propia program that has many types and many possibilities of execution, and I emphasize again for us it was our objective ”.

In the same way, he also expressed “we know very well that during the last 12 years of the previous administration there were practically no similar programs, not only in the City of Rafaela but in any location in the Department and what was done was in 2019 to start the steps that allow us to be enabling many homes at this time.

He further added, “We wanted to thank the Provincial Government, Governor Omar Perotti for the possibility of being a link with the National Government, these are the first 14 houses at the provincial level that are inaugurated with the own house model with which we have the expectation that the first days of In January the works begin in the towns of Maria Juana and Vila with this same type, also a few days ago 20 towns in the department have signed the development of housing in their own lot financed by the Province, which prepares us for a really very nice 2023 with acts very similar to these in various locations in the department”.

Bella Italia: 14 families fulfilled the dream of their own home