Bad weather Italy today, water bomb in Cilento: flooded streets and students trapped in schools

The bad weather lash Italy today. Roads like rivers in Cilento, with cars half covered in mud and students hostage inside schools waiting for the water level to drop. This is the scenario this morning in Agropoli (Salerno), one of the municipalities most affected.

In the images posted on Facebook by the opposition councilor Elvira Serra, she can be seen addressing the students of a nearby accounting school – stuck in their classrooms on the upper floors – to reassure them. “The boys of the Accounting Department – says the councilor who is a doctor by profession – wave white handkerchiefs while the water continues to flow around the high school and has invaded everything”.

In the video you can also see an outdoor gym completely invaded by water. “This – continues the doctor in the video posted on social networks – is an area full of schools”. Β«In the summer – added the councilor Serra reached by telephone – the cleaning of the riverbed was not done with the consequence that all the debris now comes downstream. There was a default on the part of those who had to provide for the cleaning Β».

The alert

More bad weather tomorrow in the South, especially in Calabria and Sicily, with sometimes intense rainfall especially on the Tyrrhenian slopes, as well as an intensification of ventilation. This is indicated by a new weather warning from the Civil Protection. From the morning, therefore, thunderstorms will persist in Calabria, especially in the Tyrrhenian sectors, extending to Sicily, especially in the northern sectors. The phenomena will be accompanied by heavy showers, electrical activity and strong gusts of wind. From the late morning of tomorrow, strong to stormy north-western winds are also expected over Sicily, extending to central-southern Calabria. Orange alert for hydrogeological risk over much of Campania and the western sector of Molise has been assessed for tomorrow. Furthermore, yellow alert was assessed in Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo, Sicily, Calabria, on the southern Adriatic sector of Emilia-Romagna, on southern Lazio, on the western sector of Basilicata and on the remaining territories of Campania and Molise.

Forecast for the next few days

North winds are expected for tomorrow in the north and the sky will be mostly clear. Winter weather in the morning with values ​​close to zero in the west. Center: Moderate or strong Mistral winds and partly cloudy skies on the Adriatic and clear skies in the rest of the regions. Dropping temperatures. South: A perturbation affects the regions with showers and thunderstorms over most of the regions, more widespread and persistent in the afternoon.

Sunny Monday in the north, then as the hours go by it will start to worsen more and more widely and intensely starting from the West. Center: We will have good weather conditions until the evening, then it will start to worsen widely starting from Sardinia. Mistral winds. South: In the morning there will be showers on the Tyrrhenian coasts and on Salento, after which the good weather will return to all regions. Strong winds.

On Tuesday in the North a violent perturbation hits our regions with heavy rains, strong winds and snowfalls in the Alps even below 1000m. Center: A cyclone hits our regions generating a very strong bad weather phase in most of the sectors. Gale winds. South: A perturbation affects the regions with storms in Campania, rains in Basilicata, thunderstorms in Calabria and Sicily. Stormy winds.

Bad weather Italy today, water bomb in Cilento: flooded streets and students trapped in schools