“Draghi stay”. In Rome and Milan he manifests “Italy that works”

In Piazza San Silvestro choirs are sung to ask the premier to stay. In Milan there is also a group of Ukrainians among the demonstrators. “It is everyone’s manifestation”, say the organizers Saving Draghi or rather his tenure in government, whatever it takes. These are days in which the initiatives to try to stop the … Read more

Italy Sacred, extraordinary and mysterious: a journey for explorers with a soul


The story, in great detail, of a journey through the most fascinating and mysterious places of the Peninsula, passing through a part of its boundless intangible heritage – this is how Unesco defines the traditions, legends, myths and folklore of a people – without which human history would be only a dead letter. “Italy Sacred, … Read more

Covid Italy, bulletin of 18 July 2022: 31,204 cases and 112 deaths


In the last 24 hours in Italy, 31,204 new cases of coronavirus have been recorded. The epidemic curve in Italy is confirmed in decline, after having probably crossed the peak last week. Yesterday the infections were 67,817, last Monday they were 37,756. The swabs carried out are 135,642 (yesterday 297,754) with a positivity rate that … Read more

Confindustria, uncertain scenario for Italy due to factors acting in opposite directions


The scenario is very uncertain for Italy, resulting from factors acting in opposite directions. Energy prices are close to the peak, rates and spreads are up. Inflation is higher and more persistent, creating risks for consumption. The industry resists, a rebound is expected in services, difficult prospects for exports. The Eurozone is growing but with … Read more

Coronavirus in Italy, the bulletin with the data of today 18 July


In the last 24 hours 31,204 new positives, against 67,817 yesterday. The swabs are 135,642 (yesterday 297,754), including rapid tests. The percentage of positives is 23% (yesterday it was 22.8%). People in intensive care are 417 (+14), those in ordinary wards 10,848 (+272). The total deaths, after some recounting, reach 170,037. The number of positives … Read more

Direct Weather: scorching temperatures in almost all of Italy. Monday the worst day


It is muggyi.e. sultry heat, where the humidity level remains high, torrid it is the heat where the humidity is low. The commonplace for everyone is there extremely high temperatureeven significantly above the average of this period. Today some places of Tuscany have reached 40 ° C, same temperatures that have been reached here and … Read more