Angela Celentano case: A South American woman claims to be the girl who disappeared 26 years ago in Italy

A woman from South America has claimed to be Angela Celentano, who disappeared in Italy 26 years ago. The family’s lawyer, Luigi Ferrandino, has stated that the woman contacted him detailing some memories that fit with the disappearance of the three-year-old girl in 1996. Despite the “unbelievable” resemblance between the two, they are still trying collect DNA samples that can confirm that it really is Angela.

Angela Celentanodisappeared 26 years ago in Italy, could be in South America. This was revealed by the program ‘Fourth Grade’ of the Italian chain Rete4. In it, Angela’s family lawyer, Luigi Ferrandinoclaimed that a woman had contacted him claiming to be Angela.

The identity of the woman has not been disclosed for privacy reasons, but the lawyer did share during the television program the clues that fit with the Angela’s disappearance that August 10, 1996.

According to the testimony that the woman gave to the lawyer, she remembers being in a forest when they took her away in a “white car”. The vehicle was used to transfer her to a cave in which there were other children that, far from being there to end up in foster families, could be used for “organ harvesting”. After this, a family with whom he left would have arrived in a car. After this, the woman only remembers grow up in that family.

The DNA, the confirmation of their resemblance

Angela’s family lawyer later gave an interview to Mattino 5 News de Canale 5 in which he stated that, in addition to this testimony fitting in with the disappearance of the then three-year-old girl, there would be other aspects that would lead one to think that it is her. One of them is the “looks amazing” what is between the two.

As reported last August, the Angela’s parents (Catello and Maria Celentano) released a new image of their daughter as part of their tireless search. The image was created with advanced software from the American association Missing Angels Org in Florida. This image, spread worldwide, is the one that could be used to establish this resemblance.

Digital portrait of what Angela Celentano could look like now.

In addition, the lawyer commented that the woman who claims to be Angela he also has a birthmark. Joaquin Amillspresident of SOSDesaparecidos —the association in charge of disseminating Angela’s image internationally at Euronet ATMs—, explained to that Angela has a “birthmark on the right side of her back, above her waist and to the side. Of size of a coffee bean, although now it can be bigger”. The aforementioned woman would also have this stain, but shifted towards the center. Something that would be possible because of growth.

However, all these tracks can only be confirmed with DNA test what they are trying to achieve. According to the family’s lawyer, it is being complicated due to the “safety net” that the woman around her has, whose family is “very rich”.

Ferrandino has also confessed that, despite all these coincidences, the woman could be another of the missing girls at that time and not Angela, so when her DNA is obtained, it could be contrasted with that of other affected families. Angela’s father Catello Celentanosays he still hopes that Angela is alive and they can find her sooner or later.

Angela Celentano: the theories of her whereabouts

On August 10, 1996, the disappearance of Angela Celentano. The Italian girl, just three years old, was with a group of evangelical families having a picnic on Mount Faito, in Vico Equense (Naples, Italy). Suddenly, her parents lost sight of her and never saw her again.

Image of Angela Celentano’s characteristic birthmark.

As the Italian investigative journalist for RAI explained, Ercole Rochettithe case of the disappearance of Angela Celentano is “very important in Italy, and both the country’s authorities and those of other European and Latin American nations are aware of it.” From the very day of her disappearance, many people turned to find her. “Thousands and thousands of people went there with helicopters, with dogs, with as many people as possible… It was a very mediatic event. Night and day, every hour there were people, ”she said.

The first option was to find Angela’s body, since the theory was being considered that “she could have died due to an accident, due to a fall”. However, not finding it, “It was thought that they took her away with a car to give her up for international adoption”explained Rocchetti.

Taking this theory into account, the investigators pointed out that whoever took Angela “He was wrong to rob the personThey were looking for a different girl.” This theory is due to one of the families that was in the place the day of the disappearance of Angela Celentano. “There was a Venezuelan family. His father was Italian, but emigrated to Venezuela, and his mother was Venezuelan and it seems that they had a daughter. This family had to leave Venezuela due to problems that they had with people there. So it was thought that they loved each other take revenge on this family and they stole the girl, who was the same age as Angela. This was one of the investigative leads of that time,” the journalist told

A child from this family and another who was there at that time, moreover, would have seen Angela disappear. “One of these kids said right away that he saw Angela who went hand in hand with another boy and then the two said that they saw her talk and get into a car with a man with long hair.” Despite everything, “the statements they made were not confirmed later. They said they made it all up.” According to reports read by the journalist at the time, wiretaps confirmed that “the family told them that they did not have to say anything. They didn’t want to talk much about what they had seen.”

The clue that could locate Angela in South America

According to the journalist, the importance of this first theory is that it could place Angela in South America. Rocchetti was of the opinion that the family has the belief that “Those who kidnapped her could have been people with contacts in the evangelical community”which would lead to “countries where there is an evangelical community. But that’s my opinion.”


Parents of Angela Celentano.

An opinion that could not be very misguided considering an event that made the family gain hope. It happened in 2010, when a “girl who said her name was Celeste Ruiz wrote from Mexico saying: ‘I recognized myself in Angela, I know I was adopted’stating that he remembered his past.

Celeste’s message had such an impact that “the Italian government and prosecutor’s office intervened, who tried to investigate about this person who wrote”. Rocchetti himself did a parallel investigation to try to find Celeste and another girl who could be Angela. However, they were not successful. Not even despite the efforts of the Italian and Mexican prosecutors, who They put a bounty to find out who the girl in the photo was.”

In the end, it was “discovered, through social networks, that this girl was a Mexican living in Switzerland. I went to interview her and she did not know anything about all this because she had lived outside of Mexico for a long time and they stole the photo, explains the journalist. These alleged “fraudsters” – who did not ask for money -, as he has commented, “were evangelicals too.”

Now, the statement of the woman who claims to be Angela Celentano puts the focus, again, on Latin America. The DNA will be in charge of confirming or denying if it really is her.

Angela Celentano case: A South American woman claims to be the girl who disappeared 26 years ago in Italy