Ambassador Massari outlines Italy’s strategies at the UN

In a video message released on Twitter at the beginning of the year, Ambassador Maurizio Massari, Permanent Representative of Italy to the UN, anticipated the main sectors and operational lines of Italy’s work at the United Nations in 2023.

“The primary wish for the new year is the end of the conflict triggered by Russian aggression against Ukraine for the achievement of a just peace, consistent with respect for the principles of the UN Charter. Italy will continue to work intensely in this direction“, said the Ambassador.

“In New York in 2023 Italy will multiply its efforts to reduce inequalities and divisions in the world, between the North and the South of the world. Italy, due to its historical tradition and geographical position, due to its vocation for dialogue which is in its DNA, constitutes a natural hinge with the countries of Africa, the enlarged Mediterranean, with the global South”, said Massari.

This role of Italy will also be enforced as Vice Presidents of Ecosoc, members of the Peacebuilding Commission and vice presidents of the board of UN Women – all central bodies in the United Nations system committed respectively to sustainable development, preventive diplomacy and woman rights.

“We will also work intensely for the success of the Summit on the SDGs (17 Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda) which will take place in September during the High Level week”, continued the Ambassador.

Italy is contributing to the training in Turin of officials from countries of the global South for the preparation of their respective Voluntary National Reviews, i.e. the presentation to the UN by each country of the progress made in the state of implementation of the SDGs.

“We are also working on organizing a high-level Humanitarian Conference on the Horn of Africa. We will also be particularly committed to the humanitarian front as Chair of the Humanitarian Segment of Ecosoc, the most important platform of the United Nations on humanitarian assistance.”

In 2023, Ambassador Massari will also chair the United Nations Humanitarian Liaison Working Group on humanitarian assistance, a forum for discussion and impetus for humanitarian action that includes over 50 countries.

Finally, in 2023 the Italian commitment to reform international institutions will continue, starting fromthe UN Security Council. As coordinator of the Uniting for Consensus group, Italy aims “to democratically make room for the regions that are still under-represented today, first and foremost Africa, without creating new situations of privilege for single countries within the Security Council”.

“I tell everyone: count on Italy. I would like to thank all the Italian officials who work within the UN institutions and our soldiers in peacekeeping missions for the contribution they have made in all sectors so that multilateralism and cooperation can continue to work for peace, security and the prosperity of the planet”, concluded Massari.

Ambassador Massari outlines Italy’s strategies at the UN