Alejandro Gómez, the one born in Sarandí who conquered Italy and will play the 2022 Qatar World Cup with the Argentine National Team

Papu is one of the most important players in the squad, and he will seek to achieve the glory that leaves him in the great history of Argentine soccer.

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The Argentine National Team of Lionel Scalloni had a midfield that came from memory: Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes and Giovani Lo Celso. However, with the injury of the Villarreal player, Alejandro ‘Papu’ Gomez could gain more relevance in the World Cup. Every time he had to come on, he paid with goals and great performances, and the midfielder Seville will have the chance to fulfill his big dream in Qatar 2022.

Alejandro Gómez, the man born in Sarandí who conquered Italy and will play the 2022 Qatar World Cup with the Argentine National Team

Alexander Gomez He was born on February 15, 1988 in Buenos Aires, and despite his short stature, he always proved to be more than the rest, which meant that at just 14 years old, in 2003, he was promoted to play in the Sarandí Arsenal Reserve. His great performances did not stop despite playing with players much bigger than him, and in 2006 he made his debut in First division with the t-shirt ass.

In that Opening 2006the Papuan played a total of 15 games in which he scored 2 goals, and as Arsenal finished in fifth place in the table, managed to qualify for the South American Cup 2007. The Papuan was one of the great figures in that tournament that the ass he ended up winning, and he had the luxury of marking him two goals against América de México in the first final. After breaking it into the team Sarandione of the greats of Argentina set his eyes on him: San Lorenzo de Almagro.

Alexander Gomez

The passage of Alejandro Gómez through San Lorenzo and the jump to Europe

In early 2009, San Lorenzo paid 2 million dollars for the pass of Alexander Gomezwho left Arsenal to play in one of the most important teams in the country. Playing with the shirt of a big club did not weigh on the Papuanwho defended the colors of the Raven only 18 months since from the Old continent they laid their eyes on him, and the footballer was able to take the first big step of his career and reach Europe.

The Catania from Italy signed the Argentine player in mid-2010, and the Papuan defended the jersey of the red and blue for three years. During his time at the club, he played a total of 111 games in which he scored 18 goals and provided 17 assists. In addition, due to the great memory that the fans keep of him, in 2017 a mural was painted with his image together with those of Gonzalo Bergessio and Mariano Izco, as a tribute.

Alexander Gomez

Atalanta, the club where Papu Gómez showed all his quality

In September 2013, the Papuan asked to be transferred to Metalist Kharkiv of Ukraine with the aim of playing for the first time in his career the group stage of the Champions Leaguebut a few weeks before the competition began the UEFA disqualified the club from the tournament for match-fixing in 2008. The former Arsenal asked to return to A series in December, but was unable to unlock his release and had to wait until June 2014 to return to Italy.

In September of that year he was able to unlock his departure from the Ukrainian club to reach the Atalanta from Italy, a club in which he managed to show the best of himself. There, the Papuan played seven consecutive seasons, became one of the team’s figures and managed to classify it to the round of 16 of the Champions League 2019/20, instance in which he lost 2-1 over the end against the mighty Paris Saint-Germain.

In total, the Argentine played 252 games, scoring 59 goals and providing 72 assists. In the middle of the 2020/21 season, Gomez conflicted with the coach Atalanta and left the Italian club to play for Seville of Spainshirt which continues to represent today.

Alexander Gomez

Papu Gómez’s career in the Argentine National Team, the 2021 Copa América and the 2022 Qatar World Cup

The Papuan was summoned to the Argentine National Team for the first time in 2017 by jorge sampaolito play two friendlies against Brazil Y Singaporeand then was part of the last albiceleste list to qualify for Russia World Cup 2018which ended with the hat-trick of Leo Messi in Quito in front of Ecuador. Gomez played date 17 against Peru in The Bombonerabut did not enter the final day against the Ecuadorians.

After the World Cup failure Russia, Lionel Scalloni did not have it among his priorities in the face of the great renovation, and even the Papuan was not part of the Argentine National Team who disputed the Copa America in Brazil 2019but by dint of great performances he earned a place among those summoned and then be part of the squad that traveled to Brazil two years later and he would end up winning the trophy at the Maracana Stadium.

Yes ok Gomez he never established himself as the team’s starter, he was always a prime replacement option for Scaloniand when it was his turn to enter, he always did so by rising to the occasion. In Qatar, Papu, like all his teammates, will seek to achieve maximum glory and remain in the great history of Argentine football.

Alexander Gomez


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Alejandro Gómez, the one born in Sarandí who conquered Italy and will play the 2022 Qatar World Cup with the Argentine National Team