Agenzia Nazionale Giovani and Ashoka Italia: the 50 changemakers of GENC

Here is the generation that is transforming the present time

Young people, at the service of the community, capable of initiatives that can “transform our times”. Among the changemakers selected as part of the project Gen C from National Youth Agency And Ashoka Italy, there are those who have taken action to be a point of reference for quality information on social networks for GenZ and Millennials; who rethinks the methods of youth involvement in public life; those who use technology to dignify street art or to optimize water resources and fight climate change; and who is working to fight gender-based violence.

Young innovators who are working to improve society and who were awarded today in Rome, in a dedicated event entitled “To decide. Choices that transform our time” organized by the National Youth Agency and Ashoka Italia as part of the GEN C project.

There are a total of 25 changemakers between the ages of 13 and 24, in addition to 25 mentors aged between 25 and 35, selected with the involvement of over 50 partners.

All of them illustrated today, in the presence of Massimo Vallati, founder of Calciosociale di Corviale, and Davide Mazzanti, Italian volleyball coach and coach of the Italian women’s national team, among others, civil commitment projects ranging from the fight against the mafia to financial education, from environmental protection to European planning, from territorial to school activism.

National Youth Agency and Ashoka Italia: GENC’s 50 changemakers selected – – National Youth Agency” class=”wp-image-14976″ title=”National Youth Agency and Ashoka Italia: GENC’s 50 changemakers selected 1″/>
Lucia Abbinante and Davide Mazzanti
<strong>National Youth Agency and Ashoka Italia: GENC’s 50 changemakers selected</strong> – – National Youth Agency” class=”wp-image-14975″   title=”<strong>National Youth Agency and Ashoka Italia: GENC’s 50 changemakers selected</strong> 2″/><figcaption>Lucia Abbinante – Director General of the National Youth Agency</figcaption></figure>
<p><em>“Gen C is allowing many young people to exchange views, network and unite in a large community of changemakers: young people who are helping to transform our times” </em>comment the <strong>Director General of the National Youth Agency, Lucia Abbinante</strong>. <em>“With this project we are giving voice to a generation of girls and boys who are actively committed to bringing about social change and who take decisions capable of generating positive impacts on their communities.</em></p>
<p><em>With the 50 new changemakers, which we selected with the 2022 call, we expand the community already born with the launch of the project and further strengthen the commitment to encourage the participation and involvement of young people in decision-making processes, starting right from their experiences of positive change”, </em>adds.</p>
<p><em>“Thanks to the collective effort of GEN C, which brings together over 50 partners from private, public and cooperation worlds, a systemic alliance has been created with the aim of making the role of the new generations visible, breaking away from traditional stereotypes and demonstrating that there is widespread youth protagonism”, </em>explained the <strong>Director of Ashoka Italy, Federico Mento</strong>.<em> “The stories of the young people we met through GEN C make us understand the importance of stepping aside so that the younger generations have the opportunity to guide the processes of positive change in society in an intergenerational perspective”.</em></p>
<p><strong>What is GEN C:</strong> The Gen C project was born in 2021 from a partnership between the National Youth Agency and Ashoka Italia with the aim of promoting the active participation of young people and facilitating their access to opportunities.  After the positive outcome of the first edition, the second phase of the project continues the path and strengthens the commitment to carry out concrete actions at national and international level and to promote intergenerational cooperation between young Europeans.  Gen C also intends to create an ecosystem of support for youth initiatives and open spaces for political confrontation to allow youth requests to be heard within the institutions. </p>
<p><strong>GEN C PARTNERS –</strong> The implementation of the GEN C program is possible thanks to the support of a broad partnership, which includes strategic partners (APRE, ANGI, National Youth Council, ESN Italy, Time2 Foundation, Unipolis Foundation, Green Growth Generation, ICEI Institute for International Economic Cooperation, L ‘Oreal, Officine Buone, One Day Group, Order of Architects of Rome, Produzioni dal Basso, Randstad, Puglia Region, Turin Social Impact, Young Ambassador Society);  ecosystem partners (Aurora Fellowship, Third Sector Bottega, Municipality of Parma, Casillo Foundation, Giacomo Brodolini Foundation, Humans to Humans, Legacoop Generazioni, Start-net, Terre Des Hommes, Treno della Memoria, Prime Minister, Waves);  media partners (Italian Red Cross, Mondo Internazionale, Save the Children,, Mediterranean Tierra del Fuego) and supporters (Youth Press Agency,, Changemakers Magazine, Collegio Mazza, Brianza Community Consortium, Costa Crociere Foundation, CSV Padova and Rovigo, Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani, De Agostini Foundation, GAI,, Invento Lab, Italia Che Cambia, Junior Achievement Italia, La Fabbrica, Poliferie, Popoli Insieme, Produzioni dal Basso, South Working, The good lobby, Teach For Italy, Tech Station, Tik Tok, Train de Vie, Unicef, Veracura, Visionary Days).</p>
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