AD 2022, the extraordinary year of the senior and junior Italian national volleyball teams: the updated Italvolley palmarès

With the Volleyball Women’s World Championship of Poland and the Netherlands 2022a very intense season of the appointments of the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB).

Italy has thus formalized the record balance of the blue national teams who, in every order and degree have reaped successes after successes, furnishing the trophy room with eight medals from the junior teams and 5 from the seniores.

Italian junior record: en plein d’oro in all 8 continental events

The most impressive figure is that generated by the junior teams: all engaged, in the summer of 2022, in the continental reviews, have accomplished the feat of breaking the European jackpot by winning gold in all 8 competitions. Altogether, there are six European titles and two gold medals at the European Youth Olympic Festival (officially European Youth Olympic Festival, EYOF).

Junior titles won by Italy in volleyball 2022

  • Women’s European Under-17 Championship: gold medal (7 races, 6 wins)
  • Men’s European Under 18 Championship: gold medal (7 races, 7 wins)
  • Women’s European Under 21 Championship: gold medal (5 races, 5 wins)
  • Men’s European Under 22 Championship: gold medal (5 races, 5 wins)
  • EYOF – Under 20 men: gold medal (5 races, 5 wins)
  • EYOF – Women’s Under 19: gold medal (5 races, 4 wins)
  • Women’s European Under 19 Championship: gold medal (7 races, 7 wins)
  • Men’s European Under 20 Championship: gold medal (7 races, 6 wins)

In the case ofU17 womenled by coach Michele Fanni, it was the first ever title for Italy: the trophies won in 1995 and 2001 refer to tournaments also open to U18 players.

L’U18 men – trained by Michele Zanin – instead went to the golden encore just two years after the last time. In total there are 9 podiums of the Italian national under 18 in previous editions of the European Championships: 3 golds (1997, 2020, 2022), 3 silvers (1995, 2015, 2017) and 3 bronzes (2003, 2005, 2018).

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L’U21 of the technical commissioner Luca Pieragnoli crowned the dream of winning the first edition of the women’s under-21 continental championships, winning the tie break against Serbia (3-2).

There was one of the players available to Pieragnoli Sylvia Nwakalor, summoned during the year also in the senior national team by Davide Mazzanti, as in the occasion of the World Cup that has just ended.

MVP of the review, the blue spiker Emma Cagnin, a name we will also hear about from a perspective Paris 2024while they were also chosen for the dream team of the 2022 edition Loveth Omoruyi and Emma Grazianirespectively, spiker and central.

Vincenzo Fanizza he was the coach for the European victory of the Azzurrini U22, also in this case the forerunner of the under 22 continental tournament, in the first men’s edition.

The U19 women’s and U20 men’s formations even surpassed each other, winning both the championship title of the old continent and the EYOF.

The players trained by the coach Marco Mencarelli, won the 14th medal for Italy at the European Championships Under 19 women: 8 gold (1996, 1998, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2018, 2022), 4 silver (1984, 1988, 1994, 2000), 2 bronze (1992, 2012).

Coach Matteo Battocchio instead, for his under 20 men climb to the top of Europe, he was able to count on several talents with a view of Paris, as the opposite Alessandro Bovolenta – appointed Tournament MVP – but two other Azzurri have also been included in the U20 dream team: the spiker Luca Porro and the central Nicolò Volpe.

The names of the blue and blue champions of Europe 2022

  • Italy Under 17 female: Merit Adigwe, Safa Allaoui, Carola Bonafede, Ginevra Camerini, Aurora Del Freo, Erika Esposito, Laura Franceschini, Giorgia Amoruso, Federica Baratella, Angela Coba, Linda Manfredini, Dalila Marchesini, Maia Carlotta Monaco, Amelie Vighetto.
  • Italy Under 18: masculine: Tommaso Barotto, Pietro Bonisoli, Daniele Carpita and Giacomo Selleri, Alessandro Bristot, Marco Fedrici, Filippelli Mattia, Luca Pozzebo, Diego Frascio, Luca Loreti, Flavio Morazzini, Lorenzo Magliano, Pardo Mati, Federico Miraglia.
  • Italy Under 21 female: Valentina Bartolucci, Sofia Monza, Binto Diop, Giorgia Frosini, Alessia Bolzonetti, Emma Cagnin, Alice Nardo, Loveth Omoruyi, Emma Graziani, Giulia Marconato, Linda Nwakalor Martina Armini
  • Italy Under 22 male: Paolo Porro, Leonardo Ferrato, Tommaso Rinaldi, Alberto Pol, Giulio Magalini, Nicola Cianciotta, Matteo Meschiari, Andrea Schiro, Mattia Gottardo, Mirco Compagnoni, Francesco Comparoni, Federico Crosato, Daniele Mellano, Damiano Catania
  • Italy Under 20 male: Mattia Boninfante: Alessandro Fanizza, Alessandro Alberto Bovolenta, Luca Porro, Mattia Orioli, Gaetano Penna, Federico Roberti, Riccardo Iervolino, Ionut Alin Ambrose, Cosimo Balestra, Mattia Eccher, Nicolò Volpe, Gabriele Laurenzano, Matteo Staforini
  • Italy Under 19 women: 10. Viola Passaro, 3. Dominika Giuliani, 20. Anna Bardaro, 6. Ilaria Batte, 14. Lisa Esposito, 17. Omonigho Princess Atamah, 9. Manuela Ribechi, 15. Julia Ituma, 7. Giulia Viscioni, 13. Arianna Gambini, 1. Nausica Acciarri, 2. Nicole Modesti, 5. Matilde Munarini, 4. Virginia Adriano.

Senior titles won by Italy in volleyball 2022

  • Women’s VNL: gold medal (15 races, 13 wins)
  • Mediterranean Games for women: gold medal (6 races, 5 victories)
  • Men’s Mediterranean Games: bronze medal (5 races, 4 wins)
  • Men’s World Championship: Gold medal – (7 races, 7 wins)
  • Women’s world championship: bronze medal

Equally memorable was the 2022 of the senior national teams, with the splendid gold in the VNL for the Italian women’s team and the iridescent bronzewhile the male team Yes is World Champion graduate.

The figure is even more apotheosis if we consider that both the male and female senior national teams are continental champions in office, certifying the total domination of Italian volleyball at European level.

Senior successes of 2022 also contributed to Italy’s rise in Olympic qualification ranking (both second formations) for access toOQTthe 2023 tournament that detaches the direct pass for Paris to the best six teams of the tournament.

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AD 2022, the extraordinary year of the senior and junior Italian national volleyball teams: the updated Italvolley palmarès