ItalyTV.space is an Internet TV news service, based in Italy and live streaming worldwide 24/7.With ItalyTV.space you will know what is happening in the world with a special focus on Italy, but also on the international scene.We are committed to providing quality content and breaking news to give you the most updated information about Italy, with a professional approach that also includes live video streaming of Italian Parliament’s sessions The idea was born in 2014 during an internship at RAI – Radio Televisione Italiana (Italian State Television) when I was asked by my boss Eugenio Sallusti (editor-in-chief of Quotidiano Nazionale and former editor-in-chief of Il Tempo) how easy it would be to follow the latest events from our national Parliament’s House without being there myself .This question led me to study the tools that RAI was using for its communications and to consider new ways for uninterrupted access to RAI’s multimedia content, live video streaming included. The answer? A Video On Demand – VOD system that can be used anywhere on any device (website, tablet, smartphone…), even without internet connection.So I applied this theory to