A2 Italian Cup: Talmassons eliminates Olbia

Coach Barbieri proposes the typical formation with Eze on the dribble, Taborelli opposite, Milana – Rossetto as bands, Costantini – Caneva in the center and De Nardi as libero. On the Hermaea side coach Guadalupi lines up Brighi on the dribble, opposite Schirò, Bulaich and Miilen on the wing, in the center Taje and Schirò and Barbagallo as libero.

First ball played by the CDA that scores on a guest error. The fuchsias start strong forcing the visiting bench to call the first time out (2-1). Upon returning to the field, the board of directors always controls the game with Milana unleashed in attack (5-2). Olbia doesn’t fit and reappears on minus one but Taborelli and teammates immediately recover the plot of the game by extending it up to 10 to 6. The set continues with the Board continuing to push with its forwards Rossetto and Milana bringing the score to 15 to 10. Fuchsia formation that forces the service putting the Sardinian second line in difficulty forcing coach Guadalupi, on 17 to 10, to call the second time out. Taborelli continues his offensive performance while coach Barbieri inserts Trampus in the forefront for Rossetto who immediately scores the point of 19 to 11. Crisafulli enters for the serve by taking over Milana (20 to 11). Another entry for the Board of Directors with Campagnolo taking over Caneva. Home service that is still deadly for Olbia with Taborelli who scores two consecutive aces for 24 to 13. It is then Costantini who closes the set using a hands out in fast. Finish the first set 25 to 14.

Upon returning to the field, Olbia has the greatest concentration, managing to score a run of four points to zero. Coach Barbieri wants to talk to her and calls the first time out of the set at 2 to 5. However, upon returning it is always Olbia who keeps the reins of the set, moving to 3 at 8. Then it is Caneva and Taborelli who give the girls in fuchsia a breather (5-10). Olbia is good at maintaining the advantage despite the attempts of Costantini and his companions to shorten, the set reaches 9 to 12. A few too many fouls from the board side allow the Sardinian team to maintain the advantage of four points (11-15), coach Barbieri doesn’t agree and calls his second time out. Upon returning, the Board seems to have changed gears managing to reappear on minus one (14-15) forcing the time out of coach Guadalupi. Upon returning to the field, it is Milana who equalizes the set by blocking (15-15). From here the set is played point by point up to Campagnolo’s entry into the service that packs the home match with an ace plus two (19-17). Taborleli and Costantini close a mini partial of four to zero which is worth 21 to 17 and the second guest time out. Always the Board that scores with two more points signed by Rossetto (23-17). Olbia interrupts the negative moment by scoring but Taborelli is immediately in the lob to secure 6 set points for his team. Enter Trampus for Rossetto. Olbia manages to cancel four consecutive set points but then has to surrender to the hands out of Trampus who closes the set on 25 to 22. In this situation the partial of 11 to 2 which allowed the Board to recover the initial disadvantage and lead the set was decisive from the second half onwards.

Olbia is always off to a better start in the third fraction, taking the lead 1 to 3. After a few exchanges, the Board manages to obtain the first advantage on 5 to 4. Taborelli and Rossetto lead the Board in attack against a Hermaea who, however, does not give up, remaining at contact (11 to 8). The Board manages to keep the advantage with Milana and Costantini (16 to 11). Olbia hints at a restart sent back to the sender by Caneva who fast and block takes the set to 16-11. With new grafts coach Guadalupi manages to create some difficulties for Talmassonns impacting the match on 18 all and bringing coach Barbieri to time out. Return to the field and home break of two to zero packaged by Taborelli and Rossetto who thus force the time out on the visiting bench. A couple of mistakes by the Board bring the score back to parity (20-20). Campagnolo returns to service. Olbia manages to complete the comeback on a hands out which is worth the lead 21-22, promptly canceled by Milana in a lob. Some difficulties in reception and an excellent Bulaich allow Olbia to get two set points on 22 to 24. It’s time out for coach Barbieri. Milana cancels the first with a deep diagonal that leads the visiting coach to stop the game with a time out. On his return inaccuracy in reception for Olbia promptly exploited by Taborelli on the longline on the ball change. It is then Milana who punishes from nine meters with the ace which is worth the match point. Match ball immediately canceled by Olbia from the center with Gannar. Always from the center excellent play Eze-Caneva for the new board advantage. On the next ball Olbia fails to finish blocked first by Rossetto and then by Costantini who closes the set and the game with a block. The third set ends 27 to 25.


Leonard Barbieri (Coach CDA Talmassons)- « We are very happy with this qualification because nothing is taken for granted, from having arrived in this position (in the standings) to having passed the first round. These results gratify the commitment of these girls and of all the people who work with this team in a scientific way. Regarding the match, the first set was flawless. From the second they have changed the way they play with their setter who has changed the distribution, putting us in difficulty. Then we managed to recover and finish well. In the third they have grown a lot especially in attack by raising the level of play and forcing risky plays that have allowed them to get point by point. Well done to my girls who arrived with the right attention and serenity in the decisive moments ».

Dino Guadalupi (Coach Hermaea Olbia) – « SWe were certainly looking for a different approach to the race especially in the initial phase. I want to congratulate Talmassons who proved to be much cleaner technically and more precisely in the various phases of the game, deserving of the victory. We are again contracted games, staying afloat with discrete shifts of service. In some situations, however, we suffer a lot in reception, even with direct errors. During the match we managed to fix some things. Today, however, we took a step back against the wall. We certainly didn’t play a great match from a technical point of view today; we definitely save the third set where we played it point by point. There is still a bit of regret for having tried it only in the finale ».



TALMASSONS BOD: Rossetto 5, Costantini 7, Eze Blessing 2, Milana 15, Caneva 9, Taborelli 21, De Nardi (L), Trampus 2, Campagnolo 1, Crisafulli. Do not enter: Tognini, Michelini, Monaco, Petz (L). Herds Barbers.

VOLLEYBALL HERMAEA OLBIA: Bulaich Simian 13, Gannar 3, Schiro ‘ 4, Miilen 7, Taje ‘ 4, Bridi 2, Barbagallo (L), Messages 3, Diagne, Fontemaggi, Bresciani. Herds Guadalupi.

REFEREES: Adamo, Pescatore.

NOTES – Set duration: 23′, 28′, 32′; Total: 83′.

MVP: Chidera Eze Blessing (CDA Talmassons)

A2 Italian Cup: Talmassons eliminates Olbia