A great second half against Italy puts Spain in the final

11/11/2022 at 19:13


The Spanish team opened the scoring with a goal from Marta Piquero, but Lapolla tied the game

After the break, Aina Florenza did not miss her appointment with the goal and put the pass on track to the fight for the title

The Spanish women’s roller hockey team qualified today, for the fourth time in a row, for the final of the World championship which is played in San Juan, after defeating Italy 5-1, in a match that was resolved in the second half.


Hockey World Cup





(1+0) Veronica Caretta, Francesco Maniero, Pamela Lapolla (1), Erika Guirardello and Elena Tamiozzo.


(1+4) Laura Vicente, Berta Busquets (1), Laura Puigdueta, Aina Florenza (2) and Marta Piquero (1). Also Sara Lolo, Mariona Colomer (1) and Sara Roces.


0-1M. 9: Marta Piquero, from a penalty. 1-1 M. 17: Pamela Lapolla. 1-2 M. 33: Aina Florenza. 1-3 M. 36: Berta Busquets. 1-4 M. 43: Aina Florenza. 1-5 M. 46: Mariona Colomer.


Rui Torres (Portugal) and Emanuel Muzitamari (Argentina). They did not show warnings.


Match corresponding to the semifinal of the World Championship, played at the Aldo Cantoni Stadium in San Juan, before some 1,000 spectators.

The Italians, who suffered to beat Chile in the quarterfinals (2-1) they proved to be a well-structured teamled by the Matera player Pamela Lapolla, and who knew how to counteract the evident Spanish dominance in the first half, although he did not change the starting five throughout the game and he ended up paying dearly for that.

Spain, with almost all the starting team of the champion Generali Palau on the tracktook the lead thanks to a penalty shot by the Asturian Marta Piquero, but she forgave too much on the many occasions she had thanks to constant pressure that collided with goalkeeper Verónica Caretta, until Lapolla equalized in a raid in the area of ​​​​his partner Tamiozzo.

after the breakand with the memory of the semifinal of the last World Cup in Barcelona between the two teams, and which needed extra time, Spain gave the game more character, looking for the physical wear of the transalpines, and after a shot to the crossbar by Aina Florenza, she took advantage of a rejection by the rival goalkeeper seconds later to unbalance the result.

Without veteran captain Anna Casarramona, recovering from his injury in the first phase, Ricard Muñoz’s squad sentenced the game with a goal from Berta Busquets and so he chose to play comfortablywaiting for a reaction from the Italians that did not come, surrendered to a much more powerful and effective team, until Aina Florenza and Mariona Colomer finished off the job.

Spain will play the final to defend the trophy and win its eighth world title, against the winner of the Argentina-Portugal match, which will close today’s session.

A great second half against Italy puts Spain in the final